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United Arab Emirates


Definitions }->
It ´s a collection of thoughts

I hope it get ´s your admiration

,is a collection of moments
…They might be sad or happy events

!is something precious that passes but Never returns
,We better realize the value of it
…And gain every moment before it’s too late

!is a wonderful blessing that embellishes the face
,It’s the result of a true cheerful fact
…In the other hand it can be faked

!is another beautiful blessing that embllishes the eyes
,It’s the result of pain, sorrow or happiness sometimes
…That can be acted to make others pity us

!is the sweetest feeling that affects the heart
It makes you feel so wow to be with whom you Love & care for,
…It can cause pain to break up & to be separated from them

!is fully revealing the truth, straightforward from the bottom of the heart
…Unfortunately it’s hard to be realized nowadays due to various masks

Removes the barrier among people
!Which really makes the relations stronger
…Unfortunately it rarely can be found nowadays

is a quality that controls the relations
!Which can strengthen or break them
…Remember that you’ll be respected as you respect others

is the most sensitive part of the body
!That contains most of the previous qualities
…That’s why it’s the most precious blessing that keeps us alive

,is a belief that makes you resist the problems
…Face them with no fear & solve them by insistence

!is an encouraging thing that raises our spirits up to continue life
…Increasing hope will turn us to an optimistic person that Never gives us

,We’re used to talk about friends & friendship all the time
!But now I wanna talk about the opposite of a friend which is an Enemy

Only one thing differs the friend from the enemy
!Which is, your friend is by your side while the enemy is against you

But you should be careful because your best friend
!Might be your worst enemy
Because simply he/she knows everything about you
…Even your “defence instrument” against enemies

19 Apr 2009      


Well done!!! you are quite productive today!!! Again: I love these posts!!

19 Apr 2009     


I ´ve always liked such collections. I used to collect such expressions from calendars, books, magazines, etc...... in a small booklet.
Sooooooooooooooo interesting. Thanks a lot.

19 Apr 2009     

class centre

Thanks a lot! Iwill use your definitions at my conversation lesson shortly. My sts loooove to reason...

19 Apr 2009