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Teaching young kids


Teaching young kids
Hey everyone!!!!!!!!!!
I īve been teaching  kids for 2 years now ,i recently got a job to teach 3 kids on the age of 1year and 8 month, 2years old  and the laste one 3 years old. All different kids.  Can you help me find exercises to teach them or some different games?
I īm currently teaching them fruits do you know any easy games or worksheets?
Thank you

21 Apr 2009      


I īd avise you to use all kinds of different flashcards and picture stories with the youngest child. Rhymes and songs are of course the priority here. Its hard to use any ws with children in this age,only real objects are interesting for them. 

when it comes to the older children you can use simple guessing games, dominos, memos, and again songs and rhymes.

And remember that they must have fun with you!

if u teach fruit its good to bring the real fruit to the lesson and eat them with your students, you can cover your students eyes and give them the real fruit to smell so they can guess wht it is. its good to have plastic toy fruit as well  then you can play many games. you can count them, hide them, cover them with a scarf and let the child to touch it and guess whats under it. Im sure you will have lots of fun teaching them.

enjoy :)

21 Apr 2009     


hi you have to remember that very young learners need movement, its really hard to use worksheets, specially with the youngest, you can use flashcards in many different ways as pasting them in a wall, say go for the apple, or give me or show me, and they have to run, take it and give it to you, it;s good to use real objects
i use a "magic box" when they know the objects i put them into a box and ask them to put their hands in, touch an object and before taking it out, try to guess what it is
good luck!

22 Apr 2009     


I teach english to young children also (not so young though), but you should use concrete materials. In other words, use real fruits and explore it; make them taste it, tell the color and so on... Then you can play "What īs missing? " where you put 3 or 4 fruits on the table, let them look at it for a few seconds and then hide one; they must tell you what fruit is missing. They love this game. I hope I īve helped you.

22 Apr 2009     


Hi!! there I īve been teaching the little ones for 5 years now and here goes my advice :
Include a routine , kids love to do things all over again .(weather check , mood check , and hello activity )
Include TPR īs they love dancng and movement and they have lots of fun
Always include some craft since there are kids that need to express themselves through drawing or painting .
dramatize a lot their imagination has no limits !!!
if you can include some yummy yummy prize for games do it , taste is very important too!!
stories are of great help since you can retell the same one many times till they themselves tell it !! Eric Carle īs ones are great !!!
Hope you can profit from my own experience , !! hug , Ana Lía

24 Apr 2009