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Dear Fernis,

I would have appreciated if you had asked me before copying my layout as well as activity. Changing pictures and sentences isn t enough.




22 Apr 2009      

New Zealand

??  Someone created a printable on the same subject as you with a similar layout? 

Surely changing pictures and sentences is more than enough.

This creates a whole new worksheet - different sentences means different exercises.  Now people can have back up work for students who need more practice.

I think if you search for Past Simple worksheets or What did you do yesterday   you will find numerous activities that are similar to yours.  This does not mean they are stolen - you have provided an inspiration for someone - feel warm and happy inside.

22 Apr 2009     

Sarah Salo
United Kingdom

I agree with you Vickiii.  I looked at the worksheets and the background design and margins is different, the colours are different, the pictures are different, the sentences are different, the names are different, the verbs are different.  How much more different do they need to be!!!! 

Calling this "Stolen" is really pretty strong Paree.  And yes I have seen plenty of worksheets of this type it is hardly an original idea nice though your worksheet is. 
We are here to SHARE right.    I think there is space for both these worksheets.  Just my opinion though. 

22 Apr 2009     


Why address Fernis on the message board? Why not send her/him a PM??
Also, why not simply report it (if it s that bad a felony) and the moderators will decide whether to remove it or not? I just don t ... Ermm

22 Apr 2009     

United Kingdom

Well said Ivona!!!! Too much saber-rattling in public here. As a newcomer it creates a very bad taste to the site.
DonalThumbs Up

22 Apr 2009     


changing pictures and sentences isn`t enough????????????
So how has she copied your activity? The layout? lol
Get over it!

22 Apr 2009     


Thanks a lot for your support to stealing layouts!!!!!! I understand we can copy layouts change colours and sentences and call that as an inspiration and feel warm and happy. I would do as suggested by you all.

23 Apr 2009