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a list of books


a list of books
There is a list of books I need to read but they are kind of expensive to buy. Does anybody know if I can download any of them?


- The Oxford Companion to the English Language - McArthur - Oxford University Press 1992
- An Introduction to Language - Victoria Fromkin and Robert Rodman - Harcourt Brace 1993
- English as a Global Language - David Crystal - Cambridge University Press 1997
- The Cambridge Encyclopedia of Language - David Crystal - Cambridge University Press 1997
- The Cambridge Encyclopedia of the English Language - David Crystal - Cambridge University Press 1999


- Principles of Language Learning and Teaching - H. Douglas Brown - Prentice Hall Regents 1994
- Approaches and Methods in Language Teaching - Jack C. Richards and Theodore S. Rodgers - Cambridge University Press 2001
- Principles and Practice in Second Language Acquisition - Stephen D. Krashen - Prentice-Hall International 1987
- Second Language Acquisition and Second Language Learning - Stephen D. Krashen - Prentice-Hall International 1988

26 Apr 2009      


I referred to many of those book when I did my TESOL post grad - I think it unlikely that any would be downloadable and I would not recommend you buy any unless you have $$$ to spare. (You might however, be able to buy them cheaply from e-bay.  I have nabbed some bargains that way)
It is best if you can you borrow them from a library - your institution should have some sort of system where where you can loan them from them or a reciprocal institution closer to you.  (One of those books is actually available in the reference section of my community library which I found quite surprising - I used it often)
These are all prominent authors and you will find a lot of information about them on the web - just google their name and key words.  If you have access to electronic journals you�ll also find heaps of information.

26 Apr 2009     


Try this useful links:

26 Apr 2009     


try this... Is an excellent site!

26 Apr 2009     


If you are lucky you can download them here:  www.englishtips.org

26 Apr 2009     


Hi everybody :) hope you are enjoying the weekend.

26 Apr 2009     


Teacher Khalid has posted some links 2day - just search for his name under Search forum posts

27 Apr 2009