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ESL forum > Grammar and Linguistics > Million or millions?    

Million or millions?


Million or millions?
Hello fellow teachers!
Just one question for you. I �ve recently read in a book "he has 10 million dollars" and I was wondering why "million" had no "S" at the end given that ten obviously indicated a plural. Would the expression "he has 10 millions dollars" be correct too? If not, when do you use the plural?
Thanks a ..... million!

27 Apr 2009      

French Polynesia

In the sentence "10 million dollars", million is considered as an adjective so it can �t take the plural. But if you want to put the plural you just have to add"of" next to million so that million becomes a noun and no more an adjective. It keeps the same meaning.
ex: 10 million dollars   or  10 millions of dollars.
Hope it helps. :)

27 Apr 2009     


thax alot u were very helful

27 Apr 2009     


thax alot u were very helpful

27 Apr 2009     



27 Apr 2009     

New Zealand

10 millions of dollars - does not sound right to me.

you can have millions of dollars - but you can �t have 10 millions of dollars.

if their is a number in front of the million - then it must be without an s

hope this helps

27 Apr 2009     


I agree with Vickii.  That 10 millions of dollors doesn �t seem right.
It �s better if you remove 10 and just say millions of dollars.
Hugs :0)

27 Apr 2009     

United Kingdom

I have seen people write things such as "There are ten millions." I believe it is correct but now very uncommon to use a plural in this way. "Millions of" is probably the only time "s" is used, other than in Maths when you are talking about units of counting (3,000,420 = Three millions, four hundreds and two tens).

2 May 2009