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Teacher Khalid

Hi teacher
what do you recommend novels that a teacher should read? or any type of literature?

1 May 2009      


Hi Teacher Khalid! What age and level are you talking about?

1 May 2009     


Virginia Woolf-- if you really want to get lost in literature..

1 May 2009     

blessed trinity

Hi teacher Khalid! mena22 is totally right... However if u can read any type of literature work, i can recommend you Lord of The Flies of William Golding (novel), The Crucible of Arthur Miller (drama), Animal Farm of George Orwell (novel) or Mansfield Park of Jane Austen (novel)...
If u r interested in poetry, u can read Robert Frost, Ted Hughes, W. Shakespeare, Frank O īConnor (devil, maggot and son), Thomas Hardy, Emily Dickinson and so on...
Hope those suggestions will be a help of u....

1 May 2009     

New Zealand

For 10 - 14 year olds I can highly recommend Paul Jennings.  He has a huge series of short stories that are funny and extremely well written.  Children of this age absolutely love having them read to them - and reading them. 

For students who are 8 - 11 I highly recommend Charlotte īs web, any single roald dahl book.

For students who are from 9 - 14 I highly recommend CS Lewis.

I don īt see any point in giving books to esl students - that native english students - GROAN OVER! 

For poems who can go past Ken NEsbitt!  he is hilarious - the kids love him - he is great for 8 - 12 year olds - just search on the net.

Hope this helps

Oh - if it is for the teachers personal enjoyment......  I love science fiction myself so probably aren īt much help for mainstreamers.

Good luck

1 May 2009     



1 May 2009     


are you talking about reading for your students in te classroom or extensive reading for yourself as a teacher ?

it differs I think ..

you are arabi right ?

EFL teachers or ESL teachers should keep reading stuff too

it īs like a practice to the language.
so what are you talking about here ?

4 May 2009