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ESL forum > Teaching material > For teachers who use Happy House + Happy Street    

For teachers who use Happy House + Happy Street


For teachers who use Happy House + Happy Street
Hello all,
I would like to know your opinion about these course books. Are you happy with the results your pupils achieve? Do you need many additional tasks for practising grammar structures? What age are your pupils? Would you recommend it to other teachers?
Your opinion is of  great value for me.

4 May 2009      


I �m using Happy House 1 with 5-year-old kids, and I try to use extra activities all the time, I think it �s pretty good but it could be better. For example, the book include just pictures and the teacher �s book explain how to use it, yes, fine, but even when my 5 years students are learning how to read in L1 in could be letters, words, things to encourage them to read or try at least.

They are guessing all the time what the activity is about, of course I explain it 2 or 3 times, but it �s not the same.

I encourage them to write on the board how to write and how to pronounce the words, because they are learning how to read, and they are lerning as a subject. I teach them 90 minutes a week so this book is poor for me.

Maybe some activities are good but i wouln �t recommend it.


4 May 2009     

class centre

Hi, girls! I use Happy house from time to time. And I like it. But I don �t have the audio tapes used there for retelling stories and listening to the songs. How could I get them, do you know?
I think the manual is good but only as a complementary means of teaching. It helps to teach talking and stirs the sts � imagination. Any tips about how to get the tapes?
Thanks ain advance

4 May 2009     


Dear Natasha,
audio tapes of Happy House and much other teaching material as well is here on englishtips.org site free to download.


You just have to be registered. This site is marvellous. I hope you will enjoy it.


4 May 2009     


Happy House is GREAT!!!

15 Mar 2012