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Snow- white

How do you use bookmarks in class?

5 May 2009      


Hi, I give out some of my bookmarks as prizes when we play games or as a gift when we �ve finished the term. Smile

5 May 2009     


I used make bookmarks with motivational or inspirational famous quotes on them and give them out as gifts at the end of term. Nowadays I need the inspirational ones. :~] Of late I just have far to many students to do that sort of thing.

I�ve never been big on the reward system because you really have to be on your toes. Quite often the quieter more studious students, who really deserve them, dip out.

5 May 2009     


I started to use it with my little brother who �s studying English. He is always reading (in L1), sometimes in English so, he looks the new words but some of them are Phrasal Verbs for example, so I decided to creat bookmarks with that topic (Look if you want).
Later he ask me the difference between make and do, and I noticed that it wasn �t clear for me either so, I googled the info and studied about it. That was another bookmark and it was really helpful for him, and for me too.

Good Luck!

5 May 2009     

Olindalima ( F )

Hi, Snow
the sun is shining brightly around here.
I began to use bookmarks ( just with some cliparts ) so that my kids could bookmark their books ( we work with two different books ), then, a while later I decided that they could be a reward, and this is a good way of achieving many things from them, they love bookmarks, later I began to relate the clipart and some quotes with the vocabulary or grammar points and. soon, they almost became compulsory in the class.
At the moment I am giving a break, so that they don �t get tired, but my students have a fair collection of bookmarks.
I think they can be a very important resource, not only because there can be something related to what you are teaching, but also because they raise self esteem and good relationship between teacher and kids.
As you can see, bookmarks can be a small drop in a huge ocean, so everything that helps is welcome to the class.
My fave bookmarks here, in esl, are Pinky �s. They are great.
If you missed them, have a look.

5 May 2009