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ESL forum > Techniques and methods in Language Teaching > Having students to talk / practicing conversation    

Having students to talk / practicing conversation

El Salvador

Having students to talk / practicing conversation
Hi, everybody, since I�m teaching not in an English academy but in a technological school
and English is not what students like the most as thier subject however they have to learn
it because is in thier career Pensum, so I face the problem of having they talk, this is an idea I came with.
From their textbook and workbook I ask them to write as many question they want and find
with a minumun of 10 questions, so they don�t need to think so much, then after that I place
them standing in front of each other in two rows so they can  start asking the questions they wrote and memorized. ( wh-question or yes - no questions ), I give them a minimun of three minutes to interact ( questions
and answers ) then I ask them to move one space among them so they can have another
opportunity to interact with another student until everybody have a change to participate, another
idea is to make two circles ( an inner circle and the other one facing it ) moving one space at a time.
This exercise can be done at any level. What I do is that  I teach several units/lessons and at a certain
period of time I use this drill, It has worked with my students as they are losing their fear to talk.
( The drill is not to read but to speak, so they have to read, memorize and speak and wait form an answer )
If you are doing the same I do, then I think I�m doing the right thing but if you are not, why don�t
you give it a try as you have nothing to lose but to win your students confidence about English
speaking learning. Greetings ( SALUDOS A TODOS  DESDE EL SALVADOR IN CENTRAL AMERICA) to all of you.

15 Oct 2008