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ESL forum > Concerning worksheets > I feel sooooo bad    

I feel sooooo bad


I feel sooooo bad
I have just reported a worksheet. It is the first time I did this. I feel terrible about it. The sheet was straight from the British Council site and even still had the web info at the bottom of the page. It was posted by a new member with no points to her name. Usually when I see something like this I simply leave a friendly comment explaining that you are supposed to upload only your own work and leave it at that. Why did I report this sheet this time?? I don īt know.... I think I īm getting influenced by reading all the heated posts on stolen or copied materials. Of course stealing from a hard working member is awfull , it should be reported and I would never download something like that but posting something from a free website that might be usefull to others never bothered me so much, especially if the source is mentioned. I wouldn īt do it myself but nobody gets hurt. 
I will go back to my original approach ................

6 May 2009      


Don īt worry too much ! You are not taking the decision alone since we have to vote and anyway even if the teacher is new and doesn īt know the rules, it will give him or her the opportunity to inform himself or herself more carefully.
You don īt have to feel bad.  Approve


6 May 2009     

New Zealand

I don īt understand why you are feeling bad.... the rules regarding copying and pasting from websites is clear and easy to understand. If it is a new member I usually write a comment saying that can they please read the contribution rules under the send a printable section and if they need any help then there are lots of friendly teachers here who can help them to get started.
This site is for worksheets that people have created... it īs what makes it so special...please do not feel bad... you did the right thing!

6 May 2009     

Anna P

I also reported a contribution sent by a new member but I felt that I was doing the right thing because it was not an ESL resource - just a list written in another language.  In a way we were doing these new members a favour by letting them know that they cannot just upload anything and get away with it.
And we did something else that I think is very important - we wrote our names.

6 May 2009     


Hi Marion

I can see yoru point however taking from another website is often also classed as stealing, stealing from those authors. It hurts those authors just like it hurts our authors. If it is a portion and it is referenced accordingly then that īs ok but if it īs a word for word copy then it may breach that sites terms of use.

6 May 2009     


The fact that you worry so much indicates you īre a kind person. I guess I īd probably feel the same. However, I think Jayho is right.

6 May 2009     

manonski (f)

You don īt have to feel bad. You did what is the right thing to do on this site with sheets that do not belong to the authors who uploaded them. If it had not been you, someone else would have done it.
Have a good day!

6 May 2009