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ESL forum > Grammar and Linguistics > Think of / think about    

Think of / think about


Think of / think about
 What �s the difference between think of and think about?
 What do they each mean?  Can I have some examples?
 Thanks in advanced

8 May 2009      


Hola Maggie

think about: conseider doing, have in mind

think of: bring to mind, have an opinion about, consider doing

8 May 2009     


This is what my English (UK) thesaurus came up with.


Think about - Mull over - Reflect on - Chew over - Deliberate - Contemplate �

Take into account - Ponder & Weigh up.


Think of - imagine - visualize - dream up - conceive - bring to mind - invent �

conjure up & create.

Hope this helps.

8 May 2009     



I �ve searched in google for your question. Check out these answers, I think they may help you:

8 May 2009     


Hello Maggie,

Here is a detailed explanation of the difference. Have a look.



8 May 2009     


Here are some ways I would use think of / think about:-
What do you think of his new car?   ( Do you like it?)
What do you think about his new car?  ( Do you have an opinion? Was it a wise purchase?)
What do you think about when you are alone?
What do you think about the world economic situation? (think of is also correct, but think about is asking for more of an opinion)
Can you think of a fruit starting with the letter �A �?
I want you to shut your eyes and think about an apple.    (Colour, size, shape)
Seeing daffodils makes me think of my mother. (She grew daffodils)
Seeing daffodils makes me think about my mother �s garden. (More detail, the garden, my mother, her home)

8 May 2009     

United Kingdom

I often explain the difference like this.

If saw a boy/girl friend of the opposite sex in the street and you told them, hey, I was watching a film the other day. I saw a really good film and I thought of you.
Would he/she think you were in love with them. Answer - no, this is normal.
But if you said, I saw a film the other day, I was thinking about you.
This would mean you probably were in love with them, because it means they were in your mind for a period of time.



8 May 2009