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ashley moyle


I am new to teaching. I �m not extremely good with the grammar side of English, but I �ve spoke it all my life as I �m Australian. Is it necessary to know grammar precisely to teach english properly? I �m trying to learn backwards. I speak english, now I �m trying to figure out why I say it that way so I can explain it!

Please check out my worksheets, as I �m approaching the magic number 30!

14 May 2009      


Great to meet you!
I think it is great that you are making an effort to learn grammar as so many native speakers don �t.
Please email me if you need any help.
I know everytime I teach a new grammar point to my students I am also learning it as well.
I stick to one point at a time.

14 May 2009     


welcome, ashley! i agree with natalie, the best way to learn grammar is to teach it! i have found that working from a good ESL grammar book is a good way to learn the rules. And yes, it is necessary to know grammar but it �s only one part of what students need to know. They also need skills & vocab. Good luck!

14 May 2009     


It �s usually nice to see new teachers making their way towards enhancing their language proficiency. And certainly, mastering grammar, which takes a big part of any language, is much necessary to this enhancement.
I think it would be better if you do some quick googling on the topic of fluency and accuracy. That would answer most of your question. Fluency, as we all know, is important in learning/teaching the language, but accuracy is also very important. It seems to be that quality should be always ahead of quantity.
My students are always happier when they understand a grammar lesson well even if I usually tell them that they should treat the other parts of language equally, but maybe because they innately know the importance of grammar in fostering their understanding of the language that �s why they behave differently.
I �ve also noticed that students don �t usually appreciate a teacher who doesn �t master this area of language. At least, this is how things are going on here. So I think maybe this will encourage you to be serious in studying the grammar of your mother tongue. And I think since you are a native speaker of English, then this is not a real problem for you. Leave the problem for us. LOL! I �m teaching English as a foreign language not as a second language since English is the 3rd / 4th spoken language in my country.
Well, I hope you all the best in your career
Have a good day

14 May 2009     

don�t know how to CANCEL this account

Hi Ashley!
I agree with Cathturn! Grammar is important but is only one part of what students need.  It is great that you want to better your knowledge so as to be able to explain grammar to your students. I believe that since you are a native speaker of english you will provide wonderful input to your students and experience will give you many tools that we can �t really learn from books. Some students need structures and grammar explanations while other people don �t.  Having conversation clases with native speakers is a really good way to acquire vocabulary and expressions and even the grammar without analysing it too much till the end of a unit, let �s say, when a short systematization of some grammar points used is done.
I learnt english while living in England without the pressure of analysing grammar. Then, when I came back to my country, I studied to become a teacher, so in a way I learnt backwards because here I studied a lot of grammar..of course!
See you around!..
I �m looking forward to your new worksheets!..Smile

14 May 2009     

New Zealand

Hi Ashley,

I am from New Zealand - I was teaching in Chile.  I was the same as you - no knowledge of grammar - except for knowing how I spoke - what sounded correct - and what sounded appalling. 

This site was the best thing that happened for me.  You post a question on the forum - and you get some wonderful answers.  Goodnesses and Zora use to have some wonderful discussions going on grammar.  (As well as many other contributors).  IT would be worth having a look through some of the forum to get you started.  Also post questions on the forum when you are not sure.

Remember - you are providing a model to your students everytime you open your mouth!

The first time I was told to teach the verb �to be �  I looked at the boss with the strangest look on my face.  Not quite as strange as the strangled look she had on her face when I asked "To be what - a tree?"  Probably would pay to figure out that one before you walk into the classroom.

good luck - have fun - and welcome to the world of esol!

14 May 2009     


Hug Welcome and good luck ! Your worksheets are real good ! Don �t worry about having troubles teaching grammar : it will become easier as the years pass by (I �m a teacher for 9 years now Ermm ). This site is excellent and very useful when you don �t really know how to teach special grammar points. Some of us propose EXCELLENT tools. Enjoy it and I hope your worksheets will get dowloaded (but you know one of your worksheets has been downloaded 21 times - which is great : until now my best score is 8 Cry ... Although I find my worksheets good).
Welcome and have fun ! Wink
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14 May 2009