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ESL forum > Teaching material > Solution to the disputed deleted printables    

Solution to the disputed deleted printables


Solution to the disputed deleted printables
What do you think of this idea. If a worksheet fails to meet the rules, how about giving the author a warning before deleting the printable. Many people on here are so angry about losing their points because their sheet might not fit into the subjective definition of an ESL resource. How about giving these people a chance to make amendments before deletion? Of course direct copies should be deleted immediately but the worksheets that are in a " grey area" should be given a chance.

What do you think Victor (or anyone)? I think it would resolve a lot of angry debates on here.

21 May 2009      

Hong Kong

Clap That is a GREAT suggestion.  It will give that person a chance to correct the problem. The problem is a lot/many of the people who join NEVER read the rules or blindly click OK.

21 May 2009     

New Zealand

everyone has this chance.  If people have their printable deleted - moderators generally give them ideas on how to make it an esl printable.  They can make the changes then upload it with the changes- and as it is now an esl printable they will probably get more downloads anyway.

When your printable is deleted - this does not mean you are deleted from the website - rather a warning is sent to you with the report. 

I think this system works just fine.  Presumably Victor has some alert system so that he is aware of members who are having a lot of work deleted - so he can deal with them appropriately.

A warning system - means more work - who counts which warning they are on - or checks if they heed the warning.  IT sounds like a huge headache - although nice in theory - not that practical.

21 May 2009