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ESL forum > Techniques and methods in Language Teaching > Brain hemispheres and learning English.    

Brain hemispheres and learning English.


Brain hemispheres and learning English.
Dear friends,
I�m a final year student of English and a teacher of English, my dissertation deals with association between brain hemispheres and learning styles in ELT (teaching adults). That�s why I�m looking for some materials - articles, ebooks, books or just suggestions which could be helpful.
Thanks in advance :).
Have a lovely day,

17 Oct 2008      


The study of language and the brain is a fascinating study and comes under the general subject of psycholinguistics and more specifically neurolinguistics.  I believe the scholar Howard Gardner did alot of extensive studies on this subject, particularly with relation to the right hemisphere functions of language.
If you e-mail me with your e-mail address I think I can dig out some notes from my past lecturing days on left and right functions and I have a powerpoint that I use to demonstrate the differences and the important contribution this can have to language teachers.
Any fool can drive a car without knowing how the engine works, but if you know how the engine works, then you can drive the car much more efficiently.  The same with language - if we understand a little bit more of the processes involved in successful language acquisition / learning, we can arrange our lessons far more efficiently.
I am preaching already - send the e-mail and I will get the rest of the sermon to you

17 Oct 2008     


I have just discovered that the presentation I use to speak about left and right hemispheres is less than 500kb so I have uploaded it under the title �language and the brain�.  Anyone involved in teacher training, or just curious about language and the brain, please feel free to download and use.  Notes are given in the slide handout section so that you can have an explanation for each slide.  Enjoy.

17 Oct 2008     


you can find interesting books about linguistics at www.englishtips.org... maybe you�re lucky
any doubt? e mail me
greetings from Chile

17 Oct 2008