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ESL forum > > Mar and Titianna s Worksheet Crisis    

Mar and Titianna s Worksheet Crisis

United States

Mar and Titianna s Worksheet Crisis
I am so concerned over the stolen work of Mar and Titiana and the others on this site. 
The main reason I joined this site and started to contribute to this site was because of the calibur of their work. I wanted to be able to get some of their stuff to use for my own classes so I had to contribute something to get the points and pay the price .....and I am so glad I have been able to use their work in my classes.    
We have been so lucky to have people like Mar and Titiana as part of our group.  Everyone here knows how hard they have worked to give of themselves continually.  They even make worksheets just because the people on this site have asked for something in particular. 
 I feel the people that have posted their work in other places without asking  are very unethical.   I hope Victor does something about these people ...soon.
I miss Mar and Titiana........

2 Jun 2009      


Well dear susiebelle this is the subject of the day in our forum here.....
I completely agree with you .....

2 Jun 2009     

alien boy

Well, it s only been a couple of days... so I m sure they ll be back.

It s not like they ve been swallowed up by a black hole or abducted by aliens, is it?

Maybe we should be more vocal on the blogs & sites that have misappropriated work rather than relying on Victor to do everything, eh?

2 Jun 2009     


I quite agree with you,  susiebelle

They do not only share their work but give a lot of themselves as the nice human beings they are.

I do hope they come back soon.

2 Jun 2009     

United States

Yes, and on a lighter note - I noticed that Tere-arg is on the cover of LIFE magazine. How cool is that?  Finally a teacher who is recognized by the greater public.
All our pictures should be on the cover of some magazine.

*Libertybelle singing* Always look on the bright side of life... (whistles)Hug

2 Jun 2009     

United States

Sorry Katiana about the your name mix-up.  I thought  I had seen posts in which you were referred by that name... but it still doesn t take away from the fact that I really admire your work and what you have done here. 
I also didn t know that Victor doesnt want us to open a new thread about this.  The fact is that I just wanted to express myself and let  Katiana and Mar know that we appreciate them and that they are supported. 
I didn t see any harm in doing this......... 

2 Jun 2009     


You are most welcome my dear susiebell. Dont worry about mispelling my name. I really appreciate your support. Of course there is no harm in what you have done. Im in front of the computer correcting an exam of my 2 of bachillerato pupils and Im quite glad because they have done it much better than expected.

2 Jun 2009     


he he he libertibelle  Wink

I am not selfish so I can share my fame and glory ...
Have just spoken to some people to see what they can do Cool

Ps before somebody jumps on me...Ouch hahaha It is just a joke.

2 Jun 2009     


You re right Silke, we shouldn t open new topics on the same subject but if susiebelle hadn t done it I wouldn t have known what was going on!! The more topics are posted the faster they disappear from screen! And I personally just see those on screen.
I didn t know that Katiana and Mars had decided not to upload their work anymore... and that would be a big loss for all of us! UnhappyTheir work is just great! I understand their anger and frustration. It s really a question of values and ethics. Some people have them others don t!
I hope you reconsider your decision, Mars and Katiana. There are many members here who are honest, recognise your fantastic work, effort and would never think of using your work in anyway without asking for your permission. ( I use it in class, with my students, but that s the purpose of this site, right?Smile)
Anyway, all my support

2 Jun 2009     


We "shouldnt"m but when the subject is really important everybody does so...it is fine.
You did the right thing susiebelle!

2 Jun 2009