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Teaching Abroad...


Teaching Abroad...
Hello friends!!
I am tempted to go on a teaching abroad experience, and I know there are a lot of things to take into consideration before I finally make my decision...so to start with I d love to hear your experiences...    

2 Jun 2009      


I know some people who taught in China for a year and simply loved it. It s definitely something I would do if only I could!! My son taught in a small town in China for only two months, and that was an unforgettable experience, he was treated like a king and the conditions were excellent. Good luck to you, be brave and do it!

2 Jun 2009     


I have done 2 contracts teaching English in South Korea.  I loved it, especially the second year.  I had more experience and learnt that there were even better jobs out there.  In my second year I taught in an Elementary school.  It was awesome.  I opened my mind to new foods, I met new people (both Korean and other foreigners like myself), I did new things, I learnt some of the language (super easy to read Korean), etc. 
I would say I missed home, but I made some great friends that I miss now that I am home.  I also brought some of my favorite Canadian foods for those missing home days. 
Before I went, I did a lot of research.  They paid for my rent, my airfare, half of my medical, etc.  I asked tonnes of questions to the recruiter, and I talked with friends of friends.
It is really not as scary as it seems (depending where you go).  Of course there are cultural differences between Korea and Canada, but there are 7-11s everywhere, Baskin Robins, Pizza Hut, and many other western things.  I even came to learn the areas other English people gathered. 
My advice is:  Do a lot of research and reading, get excited, and DO IT!!!!!
So many people sit at home and hate their jobs.  They don´t even realize they can get paid to travel.

2 Jun 2009     


i took a safe option as regards teaching abroad. i worked in primary schools in the london area for 15 months through an agency. it s called TIMEPLAN, but there are lots more. i chose TIMEPLAN because it looked safe, they offered me a 2 week trial with training - which i m more than sure you would pass - in which i still got paid something.
apart from that - it sounds silly, but - they looked for housing, gave me a phone and picked me up at the airport. and there was no minimum commitment time.
at the beginning i started with supply teaching in a lot of different schools. after having taught in some of them, i became a steady supply teacher - always through the agency - for one of the schools. i never wanted a steady post, i was more interested in a worry-free experience and this was a really good one. i got work nearly everyday - maybe 98 out of 100 - and i never had to plan or see parents.
i know to supply teach in the UK you need a european passport, but you can always take a whole year contract with a school.

you can also try to go there and after having worked for a while, find a school without the agency. 5 years ago, this was a fairly easy thing to do.

i would definitely do it again.

2 Jun 2009