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ESL forum > Techniques and methods in Language Teaching > Classroom discipline 101    

Classroom discipline 101


Classroom discipline 101
Go to the website and check this out! You will get lots of useful tips on discipline by an experienced teacher, I have never seen anything like it. I also bought the e-book (by Craig Seganti), itīs one of the best things Iīve ever heard of.
So, happy teaching!

5 Jun 2009      

manonski (f)

Could you provide the link please?

5 Jun 2009     


Yes, sorry, I forgot: www.classroomdiscipline101.com

5 Jun 2009     


I visited the site but there isn īt any example of what he wrote in his book. Can you quote one or two sentences to have an idea of this book? Thanks

5 Jun 2009     


There are some articles by him. I typed "Craig Seganti" into google and got this: http://ezinearticles.com/?expert=Craig_Seganti
They give you an idea what heīs like.

I am absolutely thrilled and hope you will find it useful. You can also order a free mini-course by him, this is done on his (!) website. Donīt worry, itīs really free. Every day you get a different tip, it goes on for five days. Then I ordered his e-book. It cost about 28 Dollars, itīs worth it. But even withouth the book, think about the mini-course.

5 Jun 2009     

Hong Kong

I got the mini course. It is good if you are in a public school but you can īt dictate terms that easily in a private learning center where they parents PAY for the kids to attend.  He teaches mostly inner city schools where there are gangers and dealers.  They may be easier than spoiled rich kids. lol

5 Jun 2009     


thanks for the tip.
i will do it.

5 Jun 2009     

Hong Kong

I can īt agree with the bulk of the īCraig Seganti ī method. I can understand many of his tips for use in inner city public schools.
As I am giving students skills for life I shall continue to give students a chance to modify their own behaviour first. I have alot of success just by giving them a īlook ī and letting them know that I know what they are doing.
Modern studies in literature back me up that when you take away the authority figure, the bahaviour will continue with his approach.
It all seems a bit harsh for me!
I think that fellow is just making money from a 50 year old teaching manual he read.

10 Jun 2009