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ESL forum > Grammar and Linguistics > Student homework question    

Student homework question


Student homework question
She wrote:
...but the only thing that changed ARE my friends. (because she moved from another city to this one)
that sounded so strange!!!
how to say that in a more natural way?
Thanks you guys!

15 Jun 2009      

Carla Horne
United States

I think what is bothering you is the word "thing." I have been taught to be more specific, so she may want to write, "...the biggest change is my new friends." I hope this helps.

15 Jun 2009     


In my modest opinion, i can suggest the following: .... but nothing  was changed except my friends. Hoping that would help.Thumbs Up

15 Jun 2009     


everything was the same except for my new friends.

15 Jun 2009     


Singular subject (the only thing) needs a singular verb
..but the only thing that changed is my friends
I think this is OK when in context , but here are some alternate suggestions:
..but the only thing that changed is my group of friends
..but the only thing that changed is that I have new friends.

15 Jun 2009     

Hong Kong

How about: "...the only thing that has changed is my circle of friends."

15 Jun 2009     


Well, I think it could be " ... but the only thing that changed is my new friends."

15 Jun 2009     


Gumby has it right for me.

You need to make the present perfect - An action that occured in the past with no specific time reference that is relevant now.

Eg: My life is pretty much the same here in my new city. The only thing that has changed is my friends. I lost contact with my old friends so quickly, but I have been making new friends ever since I arrived here.

1 Jul 2009