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ESL forum > Techniques and methods in Language Teaching > Are you interested in teaching reading?    

Are you interested in teaching reading?


Are you interested in teaching reading?
Hi everybody .....
WellLOL  my name is Ana . I am in the ninth cycle  and I will be able to finish my carreer if I do a good project
I going to do a project in a high school (first grade)Thumbs Up here in Peru.
As you know we are the last in reading comprenhension  and ny project is about that
So I pretend to do a project using the following techniques: anticpating, predicting, skimming, scanning, transcoding, word order and deducing the meaning of words..................I think those techniques  are very important to learn the language through reading textsClap    
But I need your help
Anyone of you could me?
I need ideas, appropiate techniques, methods, texts, strategies, texts

16 Jun 2009      


Hi aniluza,

You can read the following article "Developing active readers: a pedagogical framework for the second language reading class", by Neil J. Anderson. It is a very good article about teaching reading in the ESL classroom. You can find it on the Internet: http://docs.ksu.edu.sa/KSU_AFCs/yousif/Developing%20Active%20readers.pdf.
It hope it helps!
PD: I also have two more chapters of books, but they are not on the web. They are these ones:
Chapter 4: REading. David, Nunan (2002) Practical English language teaching. New York: Mc Graw-Hills companies.
Chapter 6: Reading. Hedge, T. (2000) Teaching and learning in the language classroom. Oxford: OUP.  

16 Jun 2009     


I �ve just sent you a private message - check it

16 Jun 2009     

United Kingdom

You might find some useful resources here.

Timesavers Reading: teaching and learning resource booklet

 Another 15 pages resource booklet graded into level full of websites and resources Hope it is useful.


Reading: teaching and learning resource booklet






16 Jun 2009     


Thank you aniluza for posting the topic and thank you peiolei & aftab57 for the book and websites. They were exactly as I need. Thank you all againSmile

16 Jun 2009     

Korea, South

Hi Ana

Neil Anderson has an outline of a recent presentation called Developing Fluent Readers
at this site http://www.readinghorizons.com/community/webinars/files/developing_fluent_readers_handout.pdf

It includes many references.

Also William Grabe has an article RESEARCH ON TEACHING READING at journals.cambridge.org/production/action/cjoGetFulltext?fulltextid=223389. This rounds-up the research about teaching reading but doesn´t have too much applied material.

Handy Resources - Literacy skills for the busy classroom teacher has a site http://www.handyres.com/c/183427/1/guided-silent-reading-using-nz-school-journals-.html
This has many free downloadable lesson plans and follow up activities. It doesn�t include the stories but you will get ideas you might adopt.

Anyway, enjoy the experience and have fun with your students. I wish you well.


17 Jun 2009     


Thak you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so much......

19 Jun 2009