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Ice breaking activities

United Kingdom

Ice breaking activities
Dear all,

Could anyone give any ideas for the first lesson with a new class of 13-15 year old students. The lesson is 1.5 hours long. I am a new teacher, and a bit scared of the first lesson

Many thanks

18 Jun 2009      


http://wilderdom.com/games/Icebreakers.html Wink

18 Jun 2009     


Thanks for the wonderful link, frenchfrog!

18 Jun 2009     



18 Jun 2009     

United Kingdom

One of my favourite 1st activity with teenagers is this:
You take a new toilet roll to class.  You pass it round asking each student to take as much or as little as they like.  They then have to tell you one piece of information about themselves for each piece they took.  There is always one student who takes loads and for some reason the whole toilet paper thing makes everyone laugh.
I did it at the beginning of my classes this year at my new school and they still remember it now 9 months later. 
The other good trick with 1.5 hours and teenagers is to start with something "fun", then do something serious, then in the middle something fun, something serious and end with something fun.  That way you break it up a bit and they should leave the class feeling happy and positive about their new teacher.

18 Jun 2009     


Great idea sazzag

18 Jun 2009     


Since it �s a double lesson, and it �s this time of the year, you might find this useful (my sts had lots of fun and the atmosphere was lively, chatty and working), plus - they �re not looking at you all the time, but they are listening, which also breaks your �stage fright � and allows you to observe your sts while they do it and get to know them better... My sts said it didn �t feel like an English lesson, though they learned a lot...

18 Jun 2009