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Hi Victor, hi everyone. I was downloading the new ws, when I saw a stolen contribution. I think that people who upload stolen ws should be cancelled from our site. What do you think?

20 Jun 2009      

United States

I don īt agree with you.
We don īt always know if a worksheet is stolen until someone makes us aware of the fact. If you īve noticed  - When you want to send a comment, the link takes you past the other comments - so if you īre in a hurry, you don īt always see that the ws is stolen. It can be an over sight - the real culprit is the person who stole the ws in the first place.

I don īt think we need more finger pointing and policing.

20 Jun 2009     

alien boy

Hi libertbelle!

I think that īs what silvia said - the uploader: the person who has it in their account as one of their own worksheets;
 as distinct from
 the downloader: the person who spends their points or available free download to acquire it.


20 Jun 2009     

United States

Oh - ok - I see - misunderstood.

Well, the rules here are that you DO lose your membership if you upload stolen contributions.

Sorry about the mix up.

20 Jun 2009     


Hi everybody:
I must apologize for my harsh comments.  I was caught off guard and  felt a fool when I realized I had downloaded a stolen worksheet. I really went mad. I īm sorry.


20 Jun 2009