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ESL forum > Teaching material > Does anyone have a link to ...?    

Does anyone have a link to ...?

Fabiola Salinas

Does anyone have a link to ...?
Hi! I �ve been teaching the song "THE WHEELS ON THE BUS" to my sts, and now I �d like to show it to parents. My idea is to make sts show off singing so I would love to burn a CD with only the music (without any singing...) Unluckily, I cannot find a KARAOKE version of the song on the net!!! Do you have a site or know of any link where I could find sth? Thanks in advance!!!! Fabiola S.

29 Jun 2009      


Can you try and find "Pebbles" (Longman)? They have the karaoke version on the cassette. I have it, but not on a cd ... Now, let me take a look at the other CD �s i have and see if there are karaoke versions ...
EDIT: Yep, i have it. Will upload it soon and send you the link here.
EDIT again: Seems there isn�t a karaoke version. Other songs do have it on this cd, but not the wheels ... Bah! Will do more search.
EDIT once more: I take it your ss are little, probably not older than 8 or 9, so i would suggest that you keep the original version and make the ss sing louder. It happens oh so very often that they don´t listen to the beat and sing faster and faster, OR that they get very shy and need a boost from you (while standing on the side) to help them out, OR ... There�s nothing wrong with going with the original song. I do performances a lot and i find that karaoke versions can be a failure at times, especially with the little ones.

Oh, and another suggestion. If you have the time, try to ´get´ the people from the song onto the ´bus´ using very simple vocabulary (depending on the age of the ss). That way you will have a short play, too, and amaze the parents even more!

29 Jun 2009     

United States

Try finding it as a midi file - there are millions of them out there.
You can convert one to an MP3 and burn it as a CD.
There are also lots of programs for that too.

Hope this helps

Try here


29 Jun 2009     



29 Jun 2009     

Fabiola Salinas

Thank you all for your time and your generous suggestions!!!!! I �ll try them out! XX Fabiola :o)

30 Jun 2009