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ESL forum > Teaching material > attacking someones work    

attacking someones work


attacking someones work

dear teachers i think its abad thing when someone attack someones work as amember called spagman done here to anew member called rose... well i think miss rose is an intelgent student and by the way miss rose is not ateacher yet she is still student and in my opinion she is afantastic teacher and student

and about advertising and begging its completely wrong coz she is new in the site and she is asking for our opinion with all respect to us appreciating our work so we must appreiciate her work  too
spagman63 as i knew before that you are american so you are not an esl teacher you are efl teacher so in my opinion you have really bad ws and work so dont attack those who ask for help you are really need to learn to behave and to take some lessons of how to treat people
miss rose you really fantastic student and i think you will afantastic teacher too so keep on with your nice work
well done roseClap
regards and respect to you only and to all members who know how to treat people
khaled 69

29 Jun 2009      

manonski (f)

You are doing the same thing youre asking us not to do: attack someone.


29 Jun 2009     

United States

May I ask why a student is here when this is a site for teachers?
Have I misunderstood something?

29 Jun 2009     


Your mind is like a parachute, it works best when open

29 Jun 2009     

alien boy

Khaled, Khaled, Khaled.... just because someone is a native speaker doesn�t mean they teach English as a foreign language. Do you know how many Native speakers are bilingual? Spanish is spoken very widely in the USA too, just for starters! What is the difference between ESL & EFL teachers? It�s the environment they find themselves teaching in, not the teacher�s origin.

Really, please calm down a little.

When it comes down to students/teachers/whoever on this site I know the discussion has happened before. This site is for teachers: �the website where English Language teachers exchange resources� so it�s not really a place solely for students. I do understand that anyone can be a teacher - it all depends on what you are doing. You can teach friends & family as easily as being a professional. Is she a student studying to be a teacher? If so, even better!

Spagman was right - patience is a virtue & the vast majority here have never advertised their worksheets & PowerPoints. There have been many discussions about (& several attacks on) people who do. It should be written as a rule, rather than being an unwritten agreement - it would make it a lot fairer for new members & hopefully less confrontational.

I haven�t looked at rose�s worksheets yet - I�m sure they�re good & useful (otherwise why would you recommend them?). I�m also sure they�ll improve as she gains experience.

Personally, I hd no issue with her request for people to look & give advice - it �s just that people obviously took her Wink �advice � to download too seriously. Where have members � senses of humour gone?

Kind regards,

30 Jun 2009     

United States

Your mind is like a parachute, it works best when open...

I honestly hope that your answer was a sarcastic answer to my question - because if it was - I find you extremely rude. No one asked for your "pocket philosophy".


30 Jun 2009     

Hong Kong

spagman63 as i knew before that you are american so you are not an esl teacher you are efl teacher so in my opinion you have really bad ws
Khaled, WHERE did I attack Rose �s wss?  ALL I said was that people should not beg for points or downloads.  On top of that, you take it upon yourself to say my work is rubbish. I have almost 400 dl points.  What does that tell you? HMMMM?  FYI, ESL does not mean FOR ME. lol  It is for the students.  THEY are learning it as a second language.  And to think, you called me unlearned. :)

30 Jun 2009     


Only you saw the "offensive words" of Spagman, Rose did not even complained.

He only expressed his opinion which I share too. And you do are attacking him

30 Jun 2009     


I will simply post that everybody needs to start acting mature and, dare I say it, like teachers. This sticks and stones stuff is ruining the forum. Just ignore the rants and let it go. Surely we can be mature than this! 

30 Jun 2009