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ESL forum > Techniques and methods in Language Teaching > PLEASE NEED HELP! I īM GIVING A CLASS IN REPORTED SPEECH ON SATURDAY    




dear colleagues:

I īm writing to you from Peru. And I need your precious help (please I hope you don īt get bothered) to bring up some ideas to make a memorable  model class (It īs for my job)
I have started a new job a month ago (it is not my first job) and Now is my time to make my own class in front of all my coleagues and superiors.
My topic is REPORTED SPEECH it must last 30 minutes.
of course I know how REPORTED SPEECH works, is just that I want to make it memorable, original, fresh.......
My new coleagues there don īt like me much, I think it īs because of me and my pronunciation (my English is more fluent than them) that īs what my students say.......
I don īt want to compete with them (they all have more experience working there) but on the other hand, I don īt want them to call me naive, not a good teacher or not proficient( I don īt consider  it to be  the right way, especially when they don īt know me at all)
since it īs going to be the first time they see me teaching I want to show them that I know how to teach
any idea from you will be kindly welcomed and if you recommend me to download your worksheets or lesson plans, I will also do it gladly.
thanks to all of you for reading this and for your valuable time.
roxana. ;)

1 Jul 2009      

Dominican Republic

Hell0  Roxana,
The best way to give an excellent class is to include the people whom you īre giving the class to.
By this I mean to make sure that your explanation is clear and explicit yet fun and exciting.
With reported speech you can role-play. Like a small presentation to elicit the example.  Make sure you have a volunteer that is willing to help during the presentation.

You can use a lap-top (using powerpoint  and a projector) for the grammar key points explanation.

Hope this helps!
Ah PS : If you want to feel welcomed or accepted by your peers or co-workers maybe you should try to have a positive attitude and not jump the gun by saying you think they don īt like you because of so and so. you said you think they don īt like you, maybe they do maybe they don īt but this shouldn īt bother you.
Maybe there will come a time when a student might not like you- by this i īm trying to tell you not to take it personal, at the end of the day the only thing that matters is that you do your job well.
Take care,

1 Jul 2009     

United Kingdom

You īll find some very useful stuff here.

1 Jul 2009     


I īve sent you a link in a PM. If you need any more help and if you want to see a vid of my ss, pm me back.
Thumbs Up

1 Jul 2009     

United States

No wonder the world is in such a mess when good teachers like you have to be put under a microscope and can end up being dumped because of a group of jealous teachers.
This makes me really sad and angry. The kids of today need good teachers.

When you īve gotten your topic together and know what you are going to say, then think about how you will present it.
Be kind, optimistic, positive and show how much you love to teach.  Don īt act arrogant or brag about how good you are.  Often the selling of a product is in the packaging unfortunately - but if you really want the job, you īve gotta do what you have to do.
Even say at the beginning or end of your presentation how happy you are to be working with such a great group of teachers. (I know it sounds wrong, but still, if you want the job, it might help)

Good luck

1 Jul 2009     


thanks to you all!!
Some people told me the same libertybelle, at the first week I felt horrible by that, but never tried to act brag or arrogant ( because I know how it feels, I tasted that in University) anyway I īll bear in mind what you said :)...Now I īm just trying to focus on what my job is and on how to achieve my goal everyday....make my students like English and feel free to communicate using English....thanks really and I īll try not to get bothered or interested by such problems...I just know that I like English and that I want to share it  with who just like it too...:)
Thanks alexandra too!!!  I get what you mean, again i īll try not to get bothered by that (although at the very first beginning I felt tense and nervous...for what I had heard) Anyway they are my colleagues and deserve the same respect anyone does, I īll try to be more friendly anyway, and if they like it.. nice!   If they don īt....I īll just keep on the same way :)

Ah! thanks afta and Ivona too!! I īm going to prepare some things,  your help was also useful. thanks!!

1 Jul 2009