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phrasal verb   
please help me with this sentence: Dont watch TV after 11 p.m. -You must turn .............. you must turm off after/ before 11 p.m. What is right? Thanks.

15 Apr 2024

United States

You must turn it off before 11 p.m.

16 Apr 2024

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Lost ID   
I wonder if there is any support team. I lost my 2 IDs with all points. Still silence from any support e-mails. Sad really...

15 Apr 2024

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second conditional   
Without the invention of the telephone, we cannot talk to each other so easily whenever we want. →If ___________________________________________________________________ If the telephone weren�t invented, we couldn�t talk to each other so easily whenever we wanted. or If the telephone were invented, we could talk to each other so easily whenever we wanted. wht is right? Thanks a lot!

7 Apr 2024

...There are 3 previous answers...

United Kingdom

To be fair, this has spurned me on to make another worksheet but on mixed conditionals, after seeing the excellent example by FrauSue. I have not seen much on mixed conditionals in the grammar books, but in this case, I think hers would be the most used, although the example by haska7 would get said, too. 

18 Apr 2024

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United Kingdom

My best lesson   
What is the best lesson you have ever had? Or the best lesson you have ever given? I was just wondering... 

4 Apr 2024

...There are 8 previous answers...

United Kingdom

I think I might start doing some more short debates and lesson plans related to Youtube videos next week. A valuable resource, to be sure. I managed to find an old Youtube video taken from a British TV report from 1964 where there were some lovely Fenland accents and, by pure luck, happened to spot my uncle sitting on a hilltop, complaining about the food while serving in the British army. There is debate over his voice by his brothers and sisters (he is sadly no longer with us), but the dashing good looks and his tattoo are clearly his. Just goes to show what you can turn up, sometimes. 

18 Apr 2024

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Downloading own printables   
Hi everybody, can You tell me why I can�t download my own printables?

2 Apr 2024

...There is 1 previous answer...


Hello anniar83...It has happened the same to me... I cannot download or even open my own printables since lastm year... nad I think the administrator is no longer Victor

16 Apr 2024

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AI Tools   
Can you share your opinions and experience on using AI tools  Can you recommend a good one that can help with complex grammar? 
Have a good day>  

2 Apr 2024


An essential topic is selected for the PhD research work at all notions for the customers. Theme of the best PhD thesis writing services at the disposal for all writers. Students are getting state of the art services for the completion of the highest academic activity.

16 Apr 2024

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Concerning download   
Hi everyone! It´s been a long while since I registered for this site. I´d like to know if the system for getting points continues to be the same. In addition to that question: Do I lose 1 point for each download I make? (As it used to be) I uploaded a WS today and while doing that I read quickly a message that left me wondering whether it might have happened some change in the rules and I have not been informed of. Hope you all have a nice Monday. Regards, Carina

1 Apr 2024

...There is 1 previous answer...


@carinita Yes, the point system is the same - you get 1 point whenever someone downloads your work and you spend 1 point every time you download sth from the site (except for New Contributions where you have 30 free downloads).

@Little Miss Lady When you download, leave a comment - so next time you will know you have already downloaded a particular worksheet or ppt. Also, save the files on your computer under the original file name and add the author, e.g., "PAST CONTINUOUS TENSE/movie-like happening situations (part1) by guorkhan".

14 Apr 2024

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An Apple for the Teacher?   

We all have fond memories of giving apples to our teachers or later receiving them as professionals. However, that is all about to change. The Widespread Teacher’s Association has declared that the official fruit to be given and received by school teachers is now the papaya. Many are confused by this move and some are downright upset.


“Apples are an important tradition in our school” one elementary student in Kentucky stated. “How am I supposed to fit a papaya in my backpack?”


“I personally don’t like papayas.” said a teacher in Missouri. “They’re a bit messy and you have to cut them. What a headache.”


With Teacher’s Day coming up soon, prices of papayas are expected to rise steadily. Hence some are questioning the wisdom of the change of fruit. Although papayas are cheaper per pound, they become more expensive for parents to buy since they’re much bigger than apples.


“I think this is incredibly unfair to parents.” complained one Minnesota mother. “Papayas are too big and expensive. Who’s idea was this, anyway?”


Well, if you prefer to receive apples rather than papayas as a teacher, you’re in luck! The tradition stays and Happy April Fool’s Day! :)

1 Apr 2024

...There are 4 previous answers...

United Kingdom

This post is bananas!!! Hello Esther, good to see you! xxx

4 Apr 2024

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English open day   
Good morning to you all,
I am currently teaching in the Sultanate of Oman and my school asked me to plan an open day for The English language Department. I have some ideas in my mind like doing a model lesson plan and doing a presentation competition as well as a story telling competition. Furthermore, I would like to enrich my plan for this exceptional day. So if you have planned such a day or if you have any valuable ideas, please suggest to me.
Thank you very much indeed. 

18 Mar 2024

...There are 8 previous answers...

Maruan Aziz

You could choose a lesson and present it as a �demo lesson� especially for novice teachers, the, you can have a discussion of it afterwards. You can plan it according to a model, share with them lesson plans and have their feedback at the end.
Good luck 

28 Mar 2024

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Three Buddies - Past Simple/Short Story and the worksheet   
Youtube link: Three Buddies


17 Mar 2024

...There is 1 previous answer...


Great! Thanks a lot!

24 Mar 2024

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