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CAE Cambridge Exam   
Hi guys!
I.m an English teacher and I need to take the CAE Cambridge exam . What I actually need is the C1 certification in my CV and I also know that there are other exams which are not as difficult as CAE ( it seems that in my country, this is the most popular)
I wonder if you know any online course that I can take to prepare myself for the exam which is not too expensive. What do you suggest?
Thanks in advance!! 

17 Jan 2022

maryse peyé

Here is one of the most serious. 

18 Jan 2022

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mariem boukraa

I need help    
Hi everyone. I need teaching materials for my 5th grade pupils. I need exercises related to the book everybody up 4. If there is anyone use this book. Please contact me or send me an email :[email protected] Thanks

17 Jan 2022

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class centre

need help   
they were wonderfully used of God. Can it be correct, dear teachers?That OF is what confuses me...

17 Jan 2022

...There is 1 previous answer...

class centre

I presume that the authour means they ( the two brothers) were wonderfully used BY God in  certain circumstances. But in the book I read OF.

19 Jan 2022

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United Kingdom

Caption Competition January 17th    
Thank you to Monica for choosing my entry from last week�s competition.
Below is this week�s image. I will consult with my panel of judges (my wife and the cat) before deciding this week�s winner next Sunday.

16 Jan 2022

...There are 7 previous answers...


Here´s your "proof of life".
Now I want 1,000 bags of cat food and 500 kg of fish (FRESH) by midnight or you´ll never see these dogs again..
Kitty the Kidnapper

20 Jan 2022

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Where to begin...   
Hello everyone, I am from the United States, but I live in Guatemala with my family. I am a teacher by profession, and I teach social studies for a state virtual high school program by working remotely. I am going to be spending some time here in Guatemala volunteering to teach English to students of high school age in a nearby community. These are students without much in the way of economic resources, many of whom are sponsored to attend school by benefactors outside of Guatemala. I am a veteran teacher, but I am new to ESL. I want to give my students the best experience possible. Right now, I will see them once a week. We start next week! I plan to begin with a diagnostic test to see where their skill levels are. I would very much welcome any advice. Thanks! Wendy

13 Jan 2022


Hi Wendy,
I wish I could answer in one sentence but it would be impossible. At least it looks like they will be (or should be) around the same level.  That´s always a godsend when teaching languages to groups. 
There are some assessment tests on this site, but you´ll also find plenty of internet.  Depending on their level you could follow up with something to "break the ice" / form the group, even if they know each other, it´s all good fun.
Here are two of my favourites:
1.  First of all ask each student to introduce him/herself to the class.  Then select pairs around the room (not sitting next to each other - opposite if possible). Next hand out a sheet of paper to each student and ask them the draw just the head/face of their "partner" adding specific items which will help recognize the person - glasses, hair, etc. (they MUST NOT add the name).  They don´t have to be artists that´s the best part of it.  When they have finished, collect them and redistribute them around the class being careful not to give them to the same students.  Each student must say who he/she thinks it is and what they know about him/her from the introductions they heard earlier.
2.  Get a volunteer to draw a quick outline of the country on the board.  This one works much better if they all come from the same country, but can be adapted in multi-national classes. Each student comes up to the board and puts a cross where he/she was born.  They then tell the class something about themselves, their families and the town they were born in.  Of course this may be limited depending on their English level, but it doesn´t matter.  I even added myself and started the exercise. 
Prepare a couple of revision exercises to get you over the first few lessons. They WILL need them!
You´ve come to the right place here, you´ll find plenty of good worksheets to use. Good luck !

16 Jan 2022

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Hi all, There are some questions confusing my mind. Can you tell me the correct answer? Other,the other, the others or another? 1. I want to go to four cities. One is Sydney,...... is İstanbul, and........ are Tokyo and Moscow. 2. This coat doesn�t fit me. Can i have..... one please? 3. Mmm! The orange is so sweet. Can i have..... one, please?

11 Jan 2022

Russian Federation

1. I want to go to four cities. One is Sydney, ANOTHER is Istanbul, and THE OTHERS are Tokyo and Moscow.
2. This coat doesn´t fit me. Can I have ANOTHER one please? (or THE OTHER one if there are only two of them to choose between);
3. Mmm! The orange is so sweet. Can I have ANOTHER one, please? 

11 Jan 2022

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Caption Contest   
Thanks Lynne for choosing my caption!
It�s a honour but it involves some effort when it�s about  launching  a new contest with a new photo. I hope you will  like this one

10 Jan 2022

...There are 9 previous answers...

United Kingdom

Your cat avatar is so LOVELY!!!

19 Jan 2022

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Trouble downloading own worksheets   
Can anyone advise me on what I have to do to access my own worksheets? I can download others just fine, but not my own. Why might that be? 
Kind regards,

10 Jan 2022

...There are 2 previous answers...

United States

You are welcome!  Thumbs Up

12 Jan 2022

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United Kingdom

Newspaper article   
This is imho  a brilliant article on language usage.

8 Jan 2022


And it starts with a quote from Jane Austen’s Pride and Préjudice… One of my favourite books! I must thank one of my university teachers!

8 Jan 2022

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Help plz!   
Dear colleagues,
What does piping loud mean?
I don’t know where I lived before then. My life began on the carrier’s cart which brought me up the long slow hills to the village, and dumped me in the high grass, and lost me. I had ridden wrapped up in a Union Jack to protect me from the sun, and when I rolled out of it, and stood piping loud among the buzzing jungle of that summer bank, then, I feel, was I born. 

8 Jan 2022

...There are 4 previous answers...


I found this poem on internet where we can see “piping loud” which would mean here “crying” like new-born babies do.


In summary, a baby tells us about its birth: its mother groaned with the pain of childbirth, but its father also wept, possibly because the father knew the full horrors of the world the infant was being born into. Indeed, the infant tells us that the world it was born into was dangerous.


William Blake’s ‘Infant Sorrow’

My mother groan’d! my father wept.
Into the dangerous world I leapt:
Helpless, naked, piping loud;
Like a fiend hid in a cloud.

Struggling in my father’s hands:
Striving against my swaddling bands:
Bound and weary I thought best
To sulk upon my mother’s breast.



9 Jan 2022

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