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Living English 2 Burlington & Viewpoints 2   
Anyone is working with any of these book?

20 Mar 2023

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Please tell me whether we can exchange the position of 2 clauses in this case: It rained heavily, but he went to school on time Or He went to school on time but it rained heavily. Thanks in advance

19 Mar 2023


I would say:
It was raining heavily, but he (still) got to school on time.
He got to school on time, although / even though it was raining heavily. 

20 Mar 2023

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I can �t login to my account   
Hi, I need help. I can�t log in. I had to create 2 new accounts and with this one I was able to access. But I can�t access to my official account. It says there is no account with that mail or password. But when I ask for my password, the email that I receive has the same information I am using to log in. I have written some mails to Victor, but he is not answering. Can someone help me?

19 Mar 2023


Same here. Even though the email the email I get has the same information I use to log in. I also wrote to Victor 3 weeks ago but I�ve got no answer yet. I�m pessimistic and I guess I will lose all my points and will have to start from scratch.

20 Mar 2023

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Saint Patrick �s Day Traditions   
Saint Patrick�s Day Traditions. 

17 Mar 2023

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recycle or recycling bin   
recycle or recycling bin? please help me.Thanks.

14 Mar 2023

United States

RECYCLE - verb - to extract and reuse useful materials from garbage and waste. 
RECYCLING BIN - noun - a container in which items to be recycled may be placed. 
EXAMPLE: Dont put the newspaper in the trash bin. We need to recycle it, so put it in the recycling bin.

RECYCLE BIN - noun - a folder or directory where deleted items are temporarily stored on Microsoft Windows. The items can then be restored or permanently deleted.
EXAMPLE: To save space on your computer, be sure to empty the recycle bin.

15 Mar 2023

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School in Madrid looking for penpals   
My name is Esther and I teach English to 3 classes of fifthgraders in Madrid. Are you are interested in developing a penpal project with us? Please get in touch.

13 Mar 2023

...There is 1 previous answer...

Baby V

Hi I am interested in promoting a zoom meeting. How old are your students?

20 Mar 2023

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Hi everyone,
I�ve been experimenting serious problem when trying to have access to my students� online exercises results.  
After some waiting time the web leads me to an error code 524.
Does anybody know anything whta the problem is?

10 Mar 2023

...There are 4 previous answers...



13 Mar 2023

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Please help me rewrite this sentence using present participle.Thanks in advance Everybody is running out of the building quickly. The building is burning.(Use present participle) Everybody is ........

10 Mar 2023


I would rewrite it like this:
Everybody is running out of the burning building quickly.

11 Mar 2023

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Cannot upload any printables...   
Dear all, I am new to the site and have tried to upload worksheets - unfortunately, none of them have reached the servers so far. Any attempt to upload a .docx leads to a .500 error notification. Any ideas? Cheers

8 Mar 2023

...There is 1 previous answer...


Welcome to the site!
Before replying I tested the uploading process myself. I could upload some of my files immediately and some of them took about 6 times of trying. It means I got the Error message 5 times in a row and then the file went through and got accepted by the system. So I am afraid we cannot give you an efficient piece of advice. You just have to keep trying.  

11 Mar 2023

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[email protected]

Automated Domino Card Maker.   
Hi, everyone.
If you, like me, spend hundreds of hours of your own time each year making materials the "old fashioned" way, then you, too, will want to know if there is a way to automate.
I always use Word, or Google Docs tools to make printable materials.
Unfortunately, there is no way to automate this... or is there?
I would like to be able to automate these jobs, and do so using my own images, and not a selection of images on a website offering materials-making tools.
Though some sites like www.bingobaker.com and www.eslactivities.com offer great tools for bingo, I know of none that offer automation for the jobs below...
domino sets
Lotto (though a bingo card maker can be used)
board games
If you know of any, fee-paying or free, I would love to hear from you.
There are sites which turn up in Internet searches for these things, but they do not actually offer them.
Also, if you know of any downloadable programs (Windows or Linux Mint),  fee-paying or free, I would love to hear from you.
Thank you.

7 Mar 2023

...There are 4 previous answers...

[email protected]

Thanks, David.
For word searches, I use the free downloadable Windows program below.
It works very well indeed.
Word Search Creator.
By: Open For Schools / Matthew Wellings 2006-2013
It outputs as a PDF.
With or without answer sheet.
With or without hints on the page.
It can be downloaded as an Android App, Mac OS App, Ubuntu Linux, too.

18 Mar 2023

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Article Analysis - Dog Walking Law
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How often do you...?
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Apresto en ingls

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A QUEDA / THE DOWNFALL (English version)
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The First paralympic games

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verb to have got - exercises

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