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Hello I have been despererately trying to get in touch with Victor who has never answered any of my mails or questions about my problem. Let me explain the situation: I had an account and apparently it is still there but I cannot get any access to it: username: mamalika I have tried any thing but I get a screen message telling me that my account is no longer available although both my username and password had been saved directly onto my computer and google settings. Can anybody tell me what is going wrong and how I could possibly access my account. How can I findo which email address was associated to the account? PLease help me get my account back!!! Thanks!

6 Feb 2023

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United Kingdom

Caption Competition February 2023   
Thank you to Fiona for choosing my contribution.
Here is my photo for you all to wrack your brains over. I will choose the winner either next week or the week after, depending on the response.
Good luck!

5 Feb 2023

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United States

"Global warming has caused significant changes to the scenarios that fire departments now have to train for."

6 Feb 2023

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An issue regarding uploading a worksheet for a second time when you are a new member.    
As a new member, with zero points,The website gives me only one worksheet per day to upload. I uploaded a worksheet, BUT I noticed that I forgot removing my name from it. SO I deleted it, thinking that I can upload it again after removing my name. But the website didn�t allow me to upload it bcz it was considered as a second worksheet in one day.. not taking in consideration that I had deleted the first one.

3 Feb 2023

...There are 2 previous answers...


Yes, kwsps advice is very good. The "update my printable" function allows you to correct mistakes without losing your worksheet allowance, and without losing your points once people have started downloading your sheet.

6 Feb 2023

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United Kingdom

I love jokes   
I like most jokes, but jokes about German sausages are the wurst. 

2 Feb 2023

...There are 7 previous answers...

United Kingdom

Loved these, thank you!

4 Feb 2023

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Czech Republic


Dear colleagues,


is the verb HAVE in the sentence We have got a new computer. a Full verb or an Auxiliary verb?


In the key to the exercise in the Teachers Bookthere is the answer FULL verb.


And for example here it is in the first part of the artlcle that is about MAIN verbs.



Particularly in spoken English, have as a main verb, meaning own or possess or receive can be consolidated by adding the participle got. .........


But other authors classify have in HAVE GOT as an AUXILIARY verb.


What do you think is correct and why?



2 Feb 2023

...There is 1 previous answer...

Czech Republic

Thank you very much for the explanation.


Have a nice weekend :)



4 Feb 2023

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United Kingdom

use of -meanwhile-   
I feel that the use of �meanwhile� here is not correct.
The family is waiting to see if surgery is needed. Meanwhile, it seems she is not in much pain.
What do people think?
I think However, is appropriate.   

2 Feb 2023

...There is 1 previous answer...

United States

Both are definitely correct. Because the first sentence is about a time period, meanwhile is appropriate.

6 Feb 2023

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[email protected]

Will you recommend films for young learners.thanks

31 Jan 2023

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I cannot download my own stuff   
Hello, dear friends! 
I come to ask for help, I cannot download my own stuff, specially the power points. I click on them and a different window shows, asking me to buy a domain.
Can anyone help? Thanks in advance! :) 
P.S. I tried in other browsers and opening in incognito window.

25 Jan 2023

...There are 3 previous answers...


why a worksheet worked in word cant be uploaded?

6 Feb 2023

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low budget    
Hi everyone
my 2 kids are eager to visit London.  
I just want to know if possible the lowest budged  especially for accommodation  or if there is an exchange student  program that could help them. 
thanks for your help .

20 Jan 2023

...There is 1 previous answer...


AFS offers exchange programs. Check if they still have an office in Tunisia

29 Jan 2023

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wHAT IS THE PROBLEM ,, ??? I can �t download my own worksheets ??   
 I can�t download my own worksheets ??? 

19 Jan 2023

...There is 1 previous answer...


Thanks a lot!!!!!!! You saved me  jedzed

22 Jan 2023

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Can be used as the achievement stickers and the warm-up activity
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Age: 3-9
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End of Term Test N 2

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conditionals sentense

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Shapes worksheet
3 exercises for young learners with reading/ listening, counting and colouring.
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test n1
an English test for intermediate pupils
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this is a worksheet for a written expression about DAILY ROUTINE . Students have to make sentences and use frequencency adverbs properly. I use it with intermediate students who already know the vocabulary and the grammar rules about the place of the frequency adverbs .
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Students should read the text and answer the multiple choice questions.
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Answer the questions using simple past

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My day (vocabulary)

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Prsent/modal verbs/rules in a national park/ Queen Elisabth
Prsent/modal verbs/rules in a national park/ Queen Elisabth
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Age: 7-15
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