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New posts


Please help me! what tense is right
She was fond of him, but 1 (not believe) ____________ that she (love) ____________ him.
Thanks a lot 

16 Sep 2021

United Kingdom

She was fond of him, but I dont believe that she loved him. I think other combinations of tenses may be possible, but this is the most obvious. 

17 Sep 2021

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download problem    
Hi teachers 
I have a download problem with my own worksheets. I could download others� worksheets but not mine. would you explain why and what should I do.

16 Sep 2021

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Ask for help   

Dear colleagues,

My friend wants to send text messages to her guests with the address of the hostel.
Here is an example of the building:
Which message would be better:

1. The second entrance door of the block, the hostel is on the first floor.

2. The 2nd entrance door of the block, the hostel is on the 1st floor.

Is there other way to write this message in short?

Thank you in advance for your help 

12 Sep 2021

...There are 3 previous answers...


Thank you so much for your reply and help, Lynne and Douglas!

14 Sep 2021

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class centre

literactive problem   
Hello, dear teachers!
There�s a wonderful old cite called Literactive.com. I have been using it for ages. And now it shows me ERROR 50 and I can�t open it. What can I do to get to it? Are there new versions of it for a more modern computer? If anybody knows, please give me a hand

12 Sep 2021

...There are 3 previous answers...

Russian Federation


the site does work, just try opening one in another browser, for example Microsoft Edge. Ive just opened the site using this browser.
Hope this helps.

14 Sep 2021

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I am a little Indian- lyrics help   
 can you help with the lyrics please
I am a little Indian
I do (1)______ dance for you
I am a little Indian
This (2)___________
Always no right step to do
thanks in advance! 

11 Sep 2021

...There is 1 previous answer...

United States

Im a little Indian.
I do big war dance for you.
Im a little Indian.
This Navajo always know right step to do.
Note: Its Im, not I am

15 Sep 2021

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United States

I try again....   
Here I am again. I am looking for someone from Spain or South America. I teach Spanish in a High School in Owasso, Oklahoma, and my students would really love to share a bilingual pen pal project with some school in Spain and South America. I have been contacted by two teachers but they both disappeared :-( clearly not intersted. So I try again. Is there anyone? 

10 Sep 2021

...There are 3 previous answers...


Hello Effedi:
Im an English teacher in Spain and I teach teens with different levels and ages from (B1 to C1) in a pretty large secondary school. How old are your students? Id be glad to collaborate if your students are more or less as old as mine. We could also take turns so as to practise both languages (1 term theyd email each other in Spanish and the next in English or we could ask them to write their messages in both languages all the time. I dont know, but its just an idea...).
If you are interested, please do not hesitate to contact me at:
César Martín 

15 Sep 2021

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Material related to agriculture and farming    
Hi I�m teaching in ESL agrotechnic highschool and I need esl material related to agriculture. If you can suggest me a textbook or a site where I can get some material I�ll be really gratetful. Thanks in advance!

6 Sep 2021

...There are 4 previous answers...

United Kingdom


8 Sep 2021

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My points arent updated    
Hello there! Ive shared a new printable who was downloaded 8 times, but my points havent been updated! What should I do?

2 Sep 2021

...There is 1 previous answer...


Thanks for answering! I got them!

4 Sep 2021

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Meaning of Get and Let videos   
Hello, hello
If you are a bilingual Spanish-English teacher and you want to support your students with extra pieces of explanation, here you are my latest videos. You are invited to subscibe yourself and share them. 
Thank you 

2 Sep 2021


Thank you!

9 Sep 2021

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Last chance - Caption Competition   
Hi everyone
Last chance to submit your catabulous and dogtastic captions for the picture below.
Previous captions are here: https://www.eslprintables.com/forum/topic.asp?id=56981
Top 10 Funny Animal Bed Swaps
 Source: https://theverybesttop10.com/animal-bed-swaps/

2 Sep 2021

...There are 5 previous answers...


Friendship doesn´t measure size or nature. It can comfortably lay down anywhere. 

14 Sep 2021

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Frist Conditonal
A simple grammar exercise to give some extra practice on Frist conditional and give students confidence with the grammar topic.
Level: elementary
Age: 12-100
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Movie UP reading comprehension

Level: elementary
Age: 12-17
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Level: elementary
Age: 15-100
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Board Game Third Person General Rule

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Descriptive writing in the simple past
short writing exercise about problems/ challenges faced
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The alphabet

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Age: 10-12
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Age: 3-6
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"The Necklace" by Guy de Maupassant Reading Guide
Guide for reading "The Necklace" by Guy de Maupassant. Part of a short story unit for English II (ELA)/10th grade. In my class, we read the story aloud.
Level: advanced
Age: 14-100
Downloads: 1

Lets colour with paint
Level: elementary
Age: 3-6
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2nd Form - Lesson n 12 - Money and Evil

Level: intermediate
Age: 15-16
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