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Class rituals   
Hey there! if you�re looking for a fun way to improve students� oral skills, try this genially presentation.
Students will be able to talk about what�s buzzin� around the world, BBC world news 1 minute video, random general topics questions, top songs of the moment, mood of the day...
Click on the following link:
If you like it, follow me on instagram for more!

22 Sep 2021


I just had a look and I think its fab. Plenty of great ideas that could be used as starters or  for fast finishers. Thank you so much for sharing.

22 Sep 2021

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Irregular verbs with pronunciation Level A2   
Hello, everyone! 
I would like to share a series of videos I have created to support bilingual (Spanish-English) students to learn the irregular verbs.
Here you are the three links. I also have an Instagram account with lots of American English infographics. Your are invited to follow my channel. 
Past Simple:
Past Participle:
American English:
Thank you!!! 

21 Sep 2021

United Kingdom

Thanks again, Yury! 

21 Sep 2021

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class centre

come for me - i was come for   
Hello, dear teachers! Is it correct to say " I was come for"? made passive from "come for me". It doesn�t sound to me at all. Give me a hand please.

21 Sep 2021

...There are 2 previous answers...

class centre

thanks a lot dear friends. That is just what I have been feeling. Now Im sure it is not correct.

22 Sep 2021

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Please help me with the sentence:
He wishes you (work) ……………. more than (talk) ……………. 
Thanks a lot 

19 Sep 2021

...There are 2 previous answers...

United Kingdom

Mariecs suggestion is good, but its better as: he wishes you would work rather than talk. Even so, neither of these suggestions sounds like a natural utterance, which is sometimes the case with these language queries we re asked to comment on. What would probably be said is: he wishes you would spend more time working and less time talking. 

21 Sep 2021

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Caption contest   
Thank you very much, Jayho, for having chosen my caption.
Now taking my turn, here is my proposal for your witty captions.
 Uncommon Pictures | Download Free Images on Unsplash
Source: https://www.google.pt/search?q=uncommon+images&hl=pt-.

18 Sep 2021

...There are 4 previous answers...

United States

Hes color blind, but dont mention it. He takes offense.

22 Sep 2021

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Abbreviation form of days of week   
Please provide the abbreviation of days of week according to British language and rules.

18 Sep 2021


18 Sep 2021

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Copying other users worksheets and amending them / changing some things   
Dear all, dear Victor
Sometimes I download worksheets and change many things. Not only the images and general appearance, but also contents, sentences in the exercices etc...
In those cases I would like to post the "new" worksheet, as it could be used by many. And I�m happy to cite the source (or sources car I often combine several worksheets into one).
Indeed it has taken me some time and efforts to create the new worksheet, even though it comes from other user�s work originally.
Am I allowed to upload the new worksheet as my own? Because I have tried once, but it got removed the next day.
Not that I need the points, I have over 3000 points. But I really think some teachers might have a use for those amended worksheets.
Thank you for letting me know

18 Sep 2021

...There are 5 previous answers...

United States

The rules and instructions of this website state:
  • Your contributions must be your own creations.
  • You are allowed to use templates from the "templates page" to make your own contributions, but it is not allowed to use other members worksheet as templates.
I moderate from time to time and these are the rules I have been following on any worksheets that have been reported for being a copy of someone elses work.
When I was starting out in making worksheets I too got reported for copying. When I first made the worksheet, actually a set of three worksheets, I didnt really think of it as a copy because I had changed most of it and left just a few things the same as the original. Boy, was my face red when I received notice that my worksheets were reported as copies with a link to the website where I had gotten the information, and the threat that my account could be banned!
To avoid problems and the risk of being banned from this site, I recommend uploading work that is 100% your own. I also recommend trying out the templates page. The templates are uploaded by users of this site and they are free! They wont cost you any points!
Best wishes,

20 Sep 2021

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Help plz!   
Would someone please help me with the following questions:
1. What is your impression of the setting?
2. Explain how the writer makes use of the language to create an impression about the setting

"It was fine open walking here, upon the summit; our way lay a little downhill, for, as I have said, the plateau tilted towards the west. The pines, great and small, grew wide apart; and even between the clumps of nutmeg and azalea, wide open spaces baked in the hot sunshine. Striking, as we did, pretty near north-west across the island, we drew, on the one hand, ever nearer under the shoulders of the Spy-glass, and on the other, looked ever wider over that western bay where I had once tossed and trembled in the oracle."  Treasure Island

18 Sep 2021

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Dear Vctor, I wrote you two many times. I want to continue with the work of my mother. PLEASE, ANSWER MY MAILS! BEst,

17 Sep 2021

...There is 1 previous answer...


I strongly suggest you continue to post under a new username. Dedicate the username to your mothers and post accordingly. 
I think it would pay more to the idea of homage and rememberance than keeping the account active? You can download all her pages and resources just the same.
Good luck with your situation 

17 Sep 2021

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Please help me! what tense is right
She was fond of him, but 1 (not believe) ____________ that she (love) ____________ him.
Thanks a lot 

16 Sep 2021

United Kingdom

She was fond of him, but I dont believe that she loved him. I think other combinations of tenses may be possible, but this is the most obvious. 

17 Sep 2021

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"The Aged Mother" by Matsuo Basho Reading Guide
Reading guide for "The Aged Mother" by Matsuo Basho. Used for 10th grade short story unit.
Level: advanced
Age: 14-100
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Students watch a video about likes and dislikes. Key included.
Level: intermediate
Age: 12-100
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Phrasal verbs with Come (Part 3) + Answer Key
Worksheet on phrasal verbs with Come (part 3). The answer key is included. Exercise 1 is already completed but you can easily edit the file for the student version. The translation exercise is for Italian students but can easily be edited to suit different languages.
Level: advanced
Age: 16-100
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review third form

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the passive
The passive: rephrasing exercises
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Students can draw and complete.
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irrigular verbs in the past
it is a way to classify the irregular verbs in the past according to the letters changed
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Demonstrative pronouns

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Age: 3-12
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outstanding people unit 3 10th grade

Level: elementary
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Level: elementary
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