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ESL forum > > Sorry but can some explain to me why my worksheet is considered a copy???    

Sorry but can some explain to me why my worksheet is considered a copy???


hi, everyone.
I am a new user of this site. I prepared some WSs and uploaded them. I read Victor ´s statements about creating one ´s own WSs before sending my works and I didn ´t think that the rules for copying include the pictures taken from the other sites. I have taken some pictures from a different website but I put my own sentences and own design. But it was considered as a stolen worksheet, so I deleted it immediately. So where can we find the pictures? and what is the rule for that? Please help me... thanks in advance...

3 Dec 2009     

Hong Kong

I have taken this feedback as constructive criticism and to be fair I can see way some people would consider it “stolen”. Mine, just so happened to be one of the borderline cases and for whatever reasons the decision was made I feel compelled to acknowledge and accept it. I am just glad there are so many good people who are willing to put a lot of time and effort into managing this place. period.

4 Dec 2009     

United States

Hi Happy hospital. Good question. http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Main_Page is a repository of free clipart that you can use under the creative commons or public domain copyright licensing. Each picture will give you the information of how it is licensed.

Hope this helps.

8 Dec 2009     

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