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Non editable worksheets


Non editable worksheets
How about an option when uploading worksheets to let other users know if it is editable or not?

Numerous times I have downloaded a worksheet thinking that I can change it slightly, to suit my students and it would be perfect.
But, alas, it is not editable, I end up spending so long figuring out a way to edit it I could have made my own in that time!

I understand that sometimes editable worksheets are not feasible, but obviously all of our students needs are different, we are all teaching different levels and different vocabulary.

Unfortunately one size does not fit all! Wacko

What do you think?

Laura x

15 Jul 2010      

manonski (f)

So far, the only way to let people know is through the text we write when we upload. I agree that we should know if the printable is editable.

15 Jul 2010     

Puerto Rico

just an alternative since we dont have that option. when a ws is not editable is because it has been made as a picture put into a word doc, what you can do if what you want to is text is to put a textbox on top of it, another way is to copy the ws and paste it in paint and use it to erase what ever you want. i have done this and it doesnt take any more time than if it were a normal doc. another thing, the problem is that if the member doesnt take the time to put the single words non editable, s/he wont do it even with the option on the menu, then again non editable are less downloaded that editable and maybe that is way some people wont tell.

15 Jul 2010     


regarding this topic....i have been thinking...and thinking: when we use books -we can īt change/edit/modify the text. We just use it as it is. We respect the author īs way of thinking and work. 
What about our worksheets? I know...it īs so great to edit them (and maybe add 3 more pics and upload it as another wss- there were cases) and use them, but let īs think about the author and his/her way of protecting his work. 
I made non-editable wss as they had to be less than 300k (now the limit is 500) but I wrote on the description section that I can send the editable version anytime via e-mail. I sent them as I promised. 

15 Jul 2010     


Hmm, I agree that people should, perhaps, just let you know if itīs editable. I have found TONS of spelling errors and grammar inconsistencies in uneditable worksheets; and I donīt think that now, having a greater uploading ability things should be made that way... Furthermore, if clipart are heavy, find something else instead, another image; I do! I have never had the problem with a worksheet being too heavy! Itīs all about - if one thing doesnīt work, try another... Besides, I know I make mistakes and because of this, I believe that itīs only fair that my worksheets are editable. 

15 Jul 2010     


I think non-editable wss should simply be banned from this website. Evil Smile

15 Jul 2010     


Dear PhilipR

That wasnīt very nice of you ... 

Excluding my picture dictionaries most of my worksheets are editable .. Now guess what? They are being sold by someone else for the modest sum of 100 euros ( a set of 400 of my worksheets) in the product description .. The seller kindly informs his potential clients that the worksheets are editable and they can be adapted to their students needs.  For this and other reasons in my humble opinion the worksheets should be not only non-editable but also they should be protected with this website logo or something like that.... Just to avoid sad situations like mine. 

Iīm so sorry if Iīm being rude but Iīm not in the mood to read this kind of comments .


Vanda Mata

15 Jul 2010     


Yeah LoL at Phillip. I create all my WS with MsPublisher, a great program when it comes to creating worksheets. But my problem arises when i have to upload here. Here we are allowed onl to post WS in .doc format with size restrictions. If I try the īsave as ī option and choose the .doc format, the output is all over the place. Thus what I do is save the worksheet as a JPEG file with e decent resolution (dpi) then i just insert it into a MsWord document.

i have stated in the description field, that members can PM me and i will send them the original. But the problem is that the PMs here get deleted after (x) days... thus i have got PM īs asking why i didnt send them etc. so i wonder if there is a way around this issue.

converting to .docx is a little better, but still i would say guys if you can switch o Publisher to create your files. its easier than word and you can move boxes accross your WS without worrying about messing things up :)

15 Jul 2010     


Vanda, you have my complete support!

People asking for editable ws have a point, people asking for non-editable ws have a point too. People who ask others to live and let live have one as well. How about doing as we say then?

I have notified people about mistakes in their ws and they have always been more than grateful. I admit that it does take some time and care though. How about adding a button that allows for easy notification (not reporting)  if there is a mistake? That would help everyone.

Let everyone do as they please. The resources here are free, please remember that.


15 Jul 2010     


With all due respect to all concerned I prefer worksheets to be editable as so many mistakes occur in our contributions be it from well-meaning, caring but English-challenged speakers or simply typos from us all.
Is there any way that we could help these well-meaning teachers who are passing on their errors because they do not realise that something is an error? I have had some not-so-nice experiences when I tried to help and so now I prefer to say nothing and correct the worksheets myself.
I understand Vanda īs problem. However, because so many contributors have work elsewhere the cheats THINK they can get away with copying. Fortunately our moderators are very alert.
Let īs not have too many more rules and regulations. As Blunderbuster says  Let everyone do as they please. The resources here are free.
Cheers Joy

15 Jul 2010     

Puerto Rico

i do like editable ws because sometimes and aside from mistakes, some members make ws with tooooooo many exercises in soooooo small fonts, and i have children with visual problems and sometimes  i dont have time to have the student answer and discuss 50 exercises in an hour.

15 Jul 2010     

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