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ESL forum > Concerning worksheets > to miss donapeter , i think ive got your message !!!!!!!    

to miss donapeter , i think ive got your message !!!!!!!


to miss donapeter , i think ive got your message !!!!!!!

A few days ago I was browsing through one of the sites and I liked a story, and I wanted to share an observation with colleagues, indeed entitled to say that most of the fellows who were attuned loved the story and asked for more but at the same time I  was surprised by a  war,  by some people who acted rudely and considered the situation that it is like  to  brought the attention of my  colleagues, the Conclusion that 3 of my worksheets removed  because as they  explained before that it was taken from other web sites. And the right to say that these sites are belong to  the same school that I work in  my country Jordan , these papers  belong to me

.At the  end id like to say that I loved the community of this site but and because some of bad members here who acted rudely I will quit and find another site that I can find agood people who they can understand .
And wont forget to give  all thanks to all who  respected
me and supported me .

 i hate this site


29 Jul 2010      


Dear Friend
                  It īs a real pity that you īve decided to leave. It īs true that you īll find narrow-minded people who wonīt understand you everywhere, but it is also true that your heart is big enough to forgive them and pray for them. You are a very valuable member to this community and I īll miss you if you leave. Please, think it over.
Love from Argentina

29 Jul 2010     

Costa Rica

please lovely, give the name of site that you found , I wanna come away from this site

29 Jul 2010     


i dont think u should do that dearest , dont run away ...smile and bear it :))

29 Jul 2010     


Dear lovely moslimah,
For the past couple of days I īve come across posts from people whose ws were reported by someone īs negligence and incompetence or may be even out of revenge. But there are moderators who can see to it that if those ws belong to you and you can give them the address of the other site you contribute to, your wss won īt be removed from your account. I myself contribute to another site as well and decided to have the same username there for the same reason.
Finally as the saying goes: it is human to err and it is divine to forgive. Donīt let judgment and anger cloud your reason.

29 Jul 2010     


Hi dear Lovely Moslimah, It īs true that you get disappointed when one of your worksheets is reported when it doesn īt need to be so, but since you have explained the reason I think just as your name shows, you have to be tolerant and forgive others . Error is human and don īt pay too much attention to those who want just to make you angry. Keep sharing your lovely and very useful work with all the kind and respectful people of this site who do respect and love you and your work. Have a nice day.

29 Jul 2010     

Bruna Dutra

Hi, Khaled 69!!! Haven īt seen you around in a while (since you were banished, btw).

Guys, this member is (for sure, on my part) the banished member Khaled69. Check this out:
http://www.eslprintables.com/forum/topic.asp?id=12222 posted on September, 25th, the day he was banished.

And this: http://www.eslprintables.com/forum/topic.asp?id=12255  posted on the same day, a few hours later. Sneaky, huh?

And just for further proof: http://www.eslprintables.com/forum/topic.asp?id=16789

I don īt need more proof than that to believe that this is not a teacher, but a lonely heart trying to mess around. And, with no fear of being unfair, I believe that this is also that troll who īs been flooding the forum lately.

So, if you īre leaving, please, don īt let the door hit you on your way out. Because for sure you won īt be missed. The moral lessons you try to preach, should be valuable to you. Because most members in here are serious, hard-working teachers, who despite your lack of consideration, still bother to answer your threads while you try to mock this site.

I īve done my good action of the day.

For my good friends and fellow colleagues, do not get fooled by this troll.

30 Jul 2010     


You īre right, Bruna! That īs the reason why I didn īt bother to answer this thread. The only thing that made me consider answering it is because I deeply disagree with threads started with someone īs name on its title.
If lovely khaled (or any other farfetched name he decided to adopt here to hide who he really is) wants to talk to donapeter, the forum is not the right place for it. The forum is the place designed for messages addressed to everyone in general and no one in particular. As Victor asked us to do, dear lovely something, don īt use the forum to solve your particular matters.
It seems that some people who don īt have anything interesting or important to do decided to clutter the forum with their nasty messages.
Hope Victor returns soon, when the cat goes out, the rats promote a party.
Have a nice day / evening.

30 Jul 2010     

Lina Ladybird

Hey, Bruna, you forgot to mention this one: http://www.eslprintables.com/forum/topic.asp?id=12371 .
And may I add that - totally out of the blue - I got a PM from "lovely moslimah" a few months ago in which she told me that she didn īt like the way I used to treat poor Khaled69. I found that rather strange to say the least, but I kept these thoughts to myself and just explained to her why Khaled69 had been banned from this website. (S)He left me alone then. ;)

30 Jul 2010     


Dear Silke:
Everyone who reads the mentioned threads will easily understand WHY LOVELYKHALED69 was banned by Victor.
I īm among the ones who don īt believe in this lovely he or she.

30 Jul 2010     


You īre right, Bruna: sneaky, creepy... I feel fooled and disgusted. What can I say this person is a master of disguise. There is that other one roaming the earth seeking souls to devour...
I guess now I īll think twice next time.

30 Jul 2010     

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