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Inappropriate WS


I still stand by what I said.  THE WORKSHEET WAS EXTREMELY INAPPROPRIATE.  Your donkey analogy aside, I don t think that this [racist] worksheet I have been talking about has any nobility.   I very rarely come on this forum unless I feel I need to say something important.  Today was the day.  I am sure this worksheet will be deleted by our moderators.  I feel that my friends on here agree with me.    Fletsch

29 Sep 2010     


Hi fletsch,
I m not for censorship but I d suggest that members be careful when dealing with controversial subjects, or the other members might feel offended and report the ws.
Concerning to the ws, in fact it s part of a set of two and if you look at both together youll understand that maybe (perhaps, probably... ) the teacher wanted to be as impartial as possible to check the students opinion on the matter. Controversial issues involve the ss emotionally (as it happens right now on the reporting page....) and they tend to forget their fear of mistakes and speak fluently.
I m not against any topic being discussed by a teacher and each one chooses the topic he wants or that fits his students needs / culture or his school rules. If I see a ws I d never use under any circumstances I simply don t download it. The ws, whether considered innapropriate or not, is not to be judged, we are only allowed to see if it fits the site rules.
BTW, I voted it to go because it has only a suggestion of an oral activity and an empty space for the students writing and I always vote this kind of wss to go, since they don t have the teacher s work on it and to me they are only hunger for points.
Have a nice day!

29 Sep 2010     


WELL, I m mot affraid to come forward and say I did the worksheets that you talk about.. I used it, together with a talkshow on youtube where the KKK leader tells how the KKK works. I devided the class in two, one part had the sheet about beeing KKK, the others were "black". they talked about civil rights, human rights, the danish "grundlov", racism and a lot of other stuff. Our subject has been Love and Hate, and we are to watch the movie mississippi burning. I am not a racist, and neither are my students, and I don t see how this worksheet would or could make them. The worksheet about beeing black are on this side as well, is that offensive as well then?
and next time, maybe it would be an idea to ask before jumping to conclusions. Have a nice day.

29 Sep 2010     


Chapeau, lisette! Clap

Welcome to the land off the beaten path!

29 Sep 2010     


I want to make it clear that I don t want to defend kkk. I m black and against any kind of discrimination. But I m afraid we re not allowed to rule what subject is allowed or not at ESL printables.
Lisette, I voted against your ws not because of its content, but because its lack of it. I understand that a ws has to have more than a sentence and some lines and I always vote against ws without the member s work on it.
I d suggest that you write about your experience, put both wss in a single document, provide the link for the video you used in class and reupload it. The members will understand your work and maybe some will find it useful and download it.
Have a nice day!

29 Sep 2010     


Well Lisette, the least you could have done was put this explanation in the ws description and give a link to the video you re talking about. Without that, this ws isn t worth a byte IMHO. 

29 Sep 2010     


Lisette please do what zailda suggested - and maybe include the answers you expected your pupils to produce - and I would be happy to download your work... I knew there was more than those 2 ws, and i m sure that if you improve your ws people will download your work! like I said before, without a lesson plan some ws may seem inappropriate, but when you see them inside a lesson plan they look perfectly fine!
by the way, Mississipi Burning is a great movie, i hope your pupils liked it!

29 Sep 2010     


Bib time ;o)))

29 Sep 2010     


I am totally surprised at the defence of this "worksheet"! I can t believe there are people who are trying to prove this ws might be used in class!
Well I think there are limits to tolerance. There is such a thing as teacher s ethics. There are topics that are beyond the legally/ethically appropriate for the use in education.

29 Sep 2010     


Without having seen the WS but having read every comment on this thread, I m disappointed in both the poster AND those who are in favor of censoring it because of its subject matter.

Certainly everyone should be educated about the existence of organized hate groups. Talking about such serious subjects can be a great way to teach students to participate in meaningful conversations in a different language, namely English. Each teacher should exercise their own individual judgment and discretion when they teach things like this. The same right you enjoy to denounce things you find offensive (freedom of speech) extends to those who say things that you don t like. Should WS about the historical fact of the holocaust be deleted? What about a worksheet that included images of the prophet Muhammed (which is certain to inflame many, though not all,  in the muslim community)? If you don t like it, don t download it. Plain and simple. Beyond that, keep your censorship to yourself.

The poster most certainly should have been explicit in his/her description of their worksheet on such a sensitive topic. Should it contain more substance? I can t really say without seeing it. My suspicion (from descriptions in posts on this thread) is that it was not particularly useful. That, however should not be a reason for deleting it IF it included original work and didn t break any other rules.

My two cents. Regards to all.

29 Sep 2010     

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