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Free antivirus programs

United Kingdom

Free antivirus programs
Hi Everyone, Happy New Year!

Can anyone recommend me a good free antivirus program other than Avast?



10 Jan 2011      



I recommend Avira as it has got the biggest database of new viruses. I have been using it for a while and I īve never encountered any problems.



10 Jan 2011     



I use AVG Free and, so far, I īm satisfied...Of course, I īve got to tell you that I generally don īt visit websites which may often be attacked by malware (such as facebook, etc.), so I don īt know how it works for people who visit such pages.



10 Jan 2011     

South Africa

I īve run AVG in the past, but now use Avast because it īs the best. The virus blocker only pops up when I visit dodgy sites (like free download sites, in which case, the antivirus blocks the threat, and I navigate away from the page) the virus blocker has NEVER popped up on Facebook, though. Facebook can only get nasty when one clicks on silly ads.

10 Jan 2011     


I use Avast and Spybot, you can download them for free. One complements another.

10 Jan 2011     


Why do you say īother than avast ī ? I don īt understand computers and avast is what I īm using, should I be worried?

10 Jan 2011     

United Kingdom

Thanks for the recommendations, folks! Marion, no, don īt worry, there īs nothing wrong with Avast, I was just interested to know what else is out there.

Why are there so many jerks in hyperspace who want to trash our computers?Angry

10 Jan 2011     


I use Avast and it works like a charm!

10 Jan 2011     


You have AVG for free? I was using it for free for a few years and then they contacted me telling me I had to pay if I wanted to continue ... so I bought a 1 year subscription.
It ran out a few months ago, but I didn īt bother re-newing it since this computer is on its last legs anyway. Which reminds me - I really ought to do another backup soon.

10 Jan 2011     


Malwarebytes is quite good too, and free, of course. I would recommend you do a total scan of your computer. Ccleaner too, to get rid of cookies and temporary files you don īt  need.
Another good program is Spywareblaster. I īve tried them all as I got infected about a month ago when I was trying to download an antivirus which was a trojan itself and then a trojan remover, which was another trojan... I almost wanted to die!!
good luck

10 Jan 2011     


@Boydegg: There īs a free edition available on the site (http://www.avg.com/eu-en/search). You will be redirected here and it doesn īt have all the features of AVG Internet Security 2011, but it works fine for me.

@Foreverjinxed: I don īt know how Facebook works, as I refuse to create an account there, but according to this, there are active threats in it...However, as I īve already said, I don īt use it anyway, so maybe you īve got a point about it being dangerous only if you click on the ads there...Don īt know, reallyEmbarrassed All I īm saying is, I only visit certain web pages (and I īm definitely not e-savvy), so, as far as my use of the Net is concerned, AVG does the job for me. I don īt know if it would be as effective if I visited other sites.

10 Jan 2011     

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