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Are you ready?


Are you ready?
Dear friends,


Is this a paraphrase of this sentence in an English lesson while students are doing exercises:



27 Nov 2011      

Lina Ladybird

Hi, Helena!
No. ;-)) To be ready means you are prepared to do something and not to have finished something...
You could just ask "Have you finished?" or maybe "Are you finished?" (the latter sounds slightly impatient to my ears though) when you want to know whether your students have completed their task.
 -  Silke

27 Nov 2011     


Are you done with your task?  ....with your homework? ....your food? Etc

27 Nov 2011     


Sorry Lina you �re wrong! �Are you ready? � also means �have you finished? �. It �s completely OK to ask your students �are you ready? � ;)

Gloriawpai - I would use �are you done with... � if I want to have the thing we �re talking about. For example, if someone was reading a newspaper I �d ask them, �are you done with that? � Or actually I probably wouldn �t since it sounds rather impatient, but that �s the meaning behind it. Or to a student working on an exercise, �are you done with that? �, i.e. �can I have it? �. Or to your dinner guests, �are you done with your food/plate? �, i.e. can I take your plate away?

However, you could just ask a student �are you done? � (not �with � something) meaning �are you ready? � as in �are you finished? � :D

27 Nov 2011     

Lina Ladybird

Dear ruisleipa,
If I hadn �t been absolutely sure, I would never have claimed that it is not OK to ask "Are you ready?" when you mean to ask whether your students have finished doing their exercise... :-((
My former English teacher, who �s a native speaker from England, explicitly told me (us) to refrain from using the sentence "Are you ready?" when I (we) want to know if somebody has finished doing something!!
I �m really, really confused now. Ermm
Honestly, I �m always happy to learn something new, but since I was sooo sure about the use of the words "ready" and "finished", I feel totally bad now, because I might have told Helena something wrong... Unhappy
PLEASE, can other native speakers give their opinion, too?
Thanks a lot in advance - Silke

27 Nov 2011     

David Lisgo

"Are you ready?" can be used if the task is a preparatory leading to the real task. Helena �s question is not clear "while students are doing exercises" as the students shouldn �t be finished yet.


Off to work.


28 Nov 2011     


Or maybe if you want all your students to finish the task so that you can start checking as a whole class activity, then you can ask: "Are you ready (to start checking)?"

28 Nov 2011     

United Kingdom

Perhaps I could clarify:
if you have told the students that you will collect their work in ten minutes when they have finished the exercise, you could then ask, �Are you ready? � when the time is nearly up, as this question is really asking, �Are you ready to hand in your exercise? �
Similarly, if, at the beginning of the class, you have told the students that after completing an exercise, they will be involved in pair work, you could then ask �Are you ready? � for the reason above.
Having said this, I have certainly heard this question being asked when there has been no reference to a follow-up activity, but as we all know, those who speak English most accurately are frequently not native speakers.
Hope this helps.
A native speaker.

28 Nov 2011     


 I would never use "Are you ready" instead of "have you finished?
So I agree with your formal teacher, Lina.
(Native speaker)

28 Nov 2011     


Are you ready? = Have you finished the task? = Are you done?

Not a native speaker :), but just an Algonquian speaker Smile

28 Nov 2011     


I wouldn �t use Are you ready? to mean Are you finished?
I would say:
Have you finished?
Are you ready to hand in your work?
Are you ready to go out?
Maybe it �s a local usage difference.
(native speaker)
@Mapleleaf - You must be a bit of a rarity, eh?

28 Nov 2011     

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