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ESL forum > Make suggestions, report errors > errors in do/does/did/will exercise    

errors in do/does/did/will exercise


errors in do/does/did/will exercise

I have just found your site while looking for material to help my girl-friend with her English.

I was surprised to find several errors in this exercise (e.g. "go to live to another city").
And grammatically-speaking, there were sometimes 2 good answers.

If your mother tongue is *not* English, please get someone to check your text before you submit it!

JMNSHO, so keep up the good work!

16 Oct 2013      

United Kingdom

What on earth are you talking about? Go and get your girlfriend to check your comment for *sense*. 

16 Oct 2013     


I agree with cunliffe. ???????

16 Oct 2013     


Do you mean that native speakers don īt make mistakes? not even typing mistakes? We all try to do our best and share our work with other people who are interested in our worksheets. We have all made mistakes and nothing has happened so far. You correct those mistakes and that īs it. Of course the ideal situations is that all the work we upload is revised and corrected but we sometimes don īt have enough time because most of us are teachers who are really busy.

16 Oct 2013     

dany.Tunisia 123

hey hey hey , what are you talking about ???? by the way there are manners to treat people well , i īll speak on the name of all non native speakers and teachers of English !!!! it īs true that English is not our mother tongue but we do love the language and feel it , and speak it more correctly than native speakers themselves !!!!!!!!!!! and even if mistakes may occur while typing a text, it īs up to the admins of this page to check material before posting things on the page !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! love and peace from Tunisia ! by the way, you īve made some mistakes you too; you see noone is perfect ! salam to all non native speakers and teachers of English !!!!!!!!

16 Oct 2013     


There īs one thing I have noticed though: some people intentionally make mistakes and you must be really careful and check the worksheets throughly because they seem perfect and then you see that person who seems to have deep knowledge of the language "makes" really naive mistakes. It happened to me  a few days ago. I can only think it īs intentional and deplore it. 

16 Oct 2013     

Peter Hardy

An old proverb states that: "If you don īt make mistakes, you make nothing at all." As such dear Dick-san, we have all learned to check the work we download ourselves before we hand it out to our students. The easy way to do so is to run a spell-check on your computer, because you have installed an English dictionary, haven īt you? But even then, Microsoft and Macs do make mistakes, too. So you do it yourself because you don īt make mistakes???

16 Oct 2013     

United States

dany.Tunisia_123, the administrator (singular) doesn īt have time to check everything. Nor do the (volunteer) moderators. It is our responsibility to self-edit. I īve noticed mistakes in worksheets and presentations before myself. However, mistakes are not a reportable offense. Some things that are mistakes in my dialect of English would be perfectly acceptable in British or Australian English, and vice versa.
The proper ways, in my opinion, to handle mistakes are 1) to fix them yourself if the mistakes are minor and correctable, 2) to PM the author about serious or uncorrectable mistakes, and 3) to not download works that are full of mistakes. By serious mistakes, I mean things that could be offensive. For example, about a year ago, a poster used "hell" in a worksheet. "Hell" is not as strong a curse word as it used to be, but some people are still offended by it. Uncorrectable mistakes happen when the posters use images of words instead of text; the works aren īt editable.
This does not apply to mistakes that break the rules of the site, especially copying other websites or using watermarked pictures. Those mistakes could get the site in legal trouble, so they need to be reported every time they appear.

16 Oct 2013     


Dear Dick
And your WSs donīt have mistakes?? Oh, Iīm sorry, you havenīt uploaded any WSs!  Oh dear, you certainly are barking up the wrong tree then and better get back in your box quick smart.

16 Oct 2013     


Dick-san it is really too bad that you insulted so many hard working and talented teachers!  This website has given me so many fabulous resources not only for my ESL classes but for other subjects as well.  Sometimes there are mistakes or there are words we don īt use in our country.  That īs the beauty of this website - we have such a wealth of cultural differences all striving to teach English in whatever country we are from.  

16 Oct 2013     


This website is really full of interesting ideas and many teachers do the best they can to share their worksheets with other teachers from all around the world. Even if we check our work before uploading it, we all make mistakes. Nobody is PERFECT !!!! So if you aren īt satisfied with our worksheets, I suggest you use another website.
Thanks to all the teachers who respect the rules and who don īt complain if there are mistakes.

17 Oct 2013     

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