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ESL forum > > Do we care as teachers????    

Do we care as teachers????

New Zealand

Do we care as teachers????
I guess I shouldn ┤t be surprised... but I am saddened, that even after my appeal this morning of to please try to scan through the comments first, regarding the worksheets I have been talking about, the one today also is reaching 100 downloads... even with the copied comments.
Are we so apathetic now to cheating and lying that we don ┤t care?????
As long as it serves our own selfish needs?????
As for the members who don ┤t... are you sure you are in the right profession????

12 Feb 2009      


Good Morning my dear Cheezels! Good morning 2U all! I don ┤t know which worksheet you ┤re talking about but I don ┤t need to. I ┤ve seen it happen before and I ┤ve also said this before - I find it very, very sad indeed that people become so focussed on  their immediate needs that they don ┤t care about anything else. Some may indeed click on the send comment button and not notice the comments, but many do see them.  Unhappy

12 Feb 2009     


I agree with you cheezles, it is a disgrace that people who upload stolen/scanned worsheeets are insulting our intelligence by doing so, and by continuing to download them, not only are we wasting either points or free downloads, but we are allowing them to continue to insult our intelligence.

I always scan through worksheets now because it once happened to me - I downloaded a copied worksheet and felt angry about doing so.

I dont know about you guys, but I wouldn ┤t waste my free downloads on copied materials,  and, on another note, as a rule I wont download worksheets from people who come to the main forum begging for points, EVEN if they are of particular use to me!!



EDIT::  It also annoys me to think that these people are ┬┤rewarded┬┤ with more points than I am when I have put my heart ans soul into the planning, preparation and design of my worksheets.

12 Feb 2009     


Hi! I agree with all your comments. I ┤ve also reported some scanned ws and copies from web sites and the"owners" of these ws were given the points for becoming  premium members. I think it ┤s unfair, the ws should be delated and the points should be taken away.


12 Feb 2009     


I don`t understand. If we are spotting and reporting stolen material...why aren`t they deleted? Perhaps Victor is a little behind on the stolen/corrupted reports? I know I send between 5-15 reports every day.
Or is there some other problem?

12 Feb 2009     


Hello everyone!
I happened to me once or twice to donwload stolen worksheet and I got so angry!
Now, i always read the comments first!
If the stolen worksheets were immediately deleted, i bet there were a lot less stolen worksheets every day!
The thing is, sometimes those worksheets are so obviouly scanned and are taken from sites we all know so well that i think these people think we are all blind!
Hugs and kisses to all the teachers that work hard to share all these authentic and fantastic worksheets!Clap

12 Feb 2009     


Hi, it also annoys me, I always report stolen worksheets too but I think Victor is really busy and he cannot check the amount of stolen worksheets everyday. Don ┤t forget he is also a teacher and it ┤s not easy to manage a website, it ┤s time consuming! I think he should ask for help to some members here to help them with this task. The site is always full of post in the forum talking about this issue, I really hate it!! But what else can we do?



12 Feb 2009     


Hello. I just wanted to tell you that I always read the comments. A few days ago, I was looking for an alphabet wheel and I found one on the site. I went though the comments first. A kind member (nebo-londona) warned that it had been stolen and added to the attention of the "thief": you should have tried at least to erase the name of the site where the wheel came from!!!!(Englishraven).
I thanked "nebo-londona", saved one point and prevented this member from getting a point! And of course I went to "Englishraven" and found the very same wheel...  

12 Feb 2009     

Mar (itxasobcn)

Dear Cheezels,
If people keep downloading worksheet without bothering about leaving comments, which takes 10 seconds, how are they going to spend a minute reading comments?
No way. I thinks it ┤s pathetic. Disapprove
Big hugs, my dear friend!!!!!! Let ┤s hope Victor will take care of this.

12 Feb 2009     


I totally agree with you. It ┤s not fair that we spend time building a worksheet and others just make a "copy paste" of theirs. Just to say that I refuse downloading sheets which have been reported as COPIES of somebody ┤s work.
I don ┤t have many worksheets of my own because presently I ┤ve got loads of work at school and very little time...but that doesn ┤t mean that I will start uploading copied worksheets....this is not the spirit!
Have a nice day!!!!

12 Feb 2009     


Hello all.
Ladybird, Victor can appoint someone without saying it publicly. It can be just between him and that person. I think it would be a great help for him.

12 Feb 2009     

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