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Helen McK

Well said, Logos!!  I agree 100% with your measured response to Allakoalla īs post and your common sense approach to this issue.



14 Feb 2009     


If anyone knows copyright laws perhaps they should mention something about them.  I know at my school they tell us we are allowed to photocopy about 10% of a book as long as we write on the photocopy the source it came from.  What about in other countries, I would immagine laws are different.

I saw someone distributing copies of verb wheels at one of the schools, is that illegal?
Like Logos said, we should not become paranoid about this.

14 Feb 2009     

New Zealand

There are many good points made here.. But do we at least agree that when something is copied 100% whether it is from a book or web page and passed off as our own as an original home made creation then it is not ok.

Yes we use pictures and all sorts of things ADDED to our own work.  But I have been called a liar by one person in particular who swore that his work was all his. When in fact it has been copied entirely from another source. (Have linked it in his comments section)

As for copyright I was told last week at my workplace (when I had a training session for an online course I will be teaching) that I cannot even for FCE and CAE courses upload pages from the relevant books, (official books produced for these courses) even though we own the books and the course is password protected. That the student has to actually have the book as I cannot change it from a paper format to digital. I was also told to be extremly careful of what "extra" worksheets I use and provide due to copyright. Another teacher has (in her words) had her wrist slapped for photocopying and also scanning to put into a different online course, materials from a particular publisher.

I am in Sweden. And my employers take copyright extremely seriously when it comes to using materials appropriately.

14 Feb 2009     


As Giovaninni and Logos has said, we sholud not become paranoid about this!!! I live in Argentina and was trained to follow Creative Commons regarding on line courses materials:

The regulations about coursebooks are similar to what stated cheezels.
When preparing wss to include in a handout, (for any type of classes) I can īt include a more-than-1,200 text taken from the same author and/or book. I have to quote the source carfully. The same happens when preparing a test.
I have asked some members for the source/s of their worksheets and sometimes got very rude answers but  not the source!!!!So,I sometimes download wss and later realize that I can īt use them in class because the source is missing.

14 Feb 2009     

New Zealand

There is free stuff everywhere. There are sites that you can do what you want. This is Victor īs site. These are his rules. If people here don īt want to abide by HIS rules and his vision then they need to find another sandpit to play in.

This is Victors response in case you missed it a little while ago.


I understand those who "shout" STOLEN,STOLEN,...
When you see a copied printable it means that the user:
1. Didnīt read the terms of use when s/he registered.
2. Didnīt read the welcome email.
3. Didnīt read the instructions in the uploading page, in bold and red.
What makes you think that they will read the messages, if you donīt "shout"?
Anyway, letīs keep calm. If they continue ignoring the messages, they will get banned from the website. Thatīs all. There is no need to shout them.
I prefer comments like this:
We would like to see your own creations. If you need help to make them you can find wonderful tutorials in this website.
(And report as stolen, of course.)
Anyway, I want to say that those users that report stolen worksheets are doing something very important for this website. They are not here just to be cops, mrnicolas. In fact, they are usually the best contributors, that spend hours creating wonderful worksheets and get very dissapointed when they see users getting points for a copied worksheet.
Mrnicolas, I think your post is a good example of what we should avoid: rude words in capital letters.

And HIS RULES to  contribute here:

Please remember:

You cannot send printables taken from other websites or publications. They must be your own creations.

We only accept ESL resources written in English language. A frame, a border or a single drawing is not an ESL resource. Remember that this website is not a clipart collection.

If your contribution is a copy from other website or from a book your account in ESLprintables will be cancelled.

If you have a worksheet that you didn īt make yourself (borrowed from a colleage teacher, for example) DON īT SEND IT. It might be taken from this or another website, and you would be banned from eslprintables.com

Don īt send useless documents. Nobody will download them and you īll get 0 points.

So we are not being COPS, we are being honest. Something that a few people here obviously have a problem with.

EDIT: and for the record I have never accused or pointed the finger at someone without proof and/or the actual link, or book that they have copied from.

14 Feb 2009     

United Kingdom

Suzylima, I agree with you in parts about not accusing someone of having a stolen worksheet because they have used one image or whatever.  But what is annoying is when someone copies a whole page from a book and because they typed it with their own hands and added a border they not only think it is their own work but they get 270 downloads for it.  And unfortunately, if not enough people report it as stolen, it won īt be deleted.  I can only hope that more people will read the comments and report the worksheet in question as well.

14 Feb 2009     


Suzylima, I think that this post is not as clear as yesterday īs in order to depict your anger quite well. I don īt know why you deleted it and now your are writing this one.

14 Feb 2009     

New Zealand

I reported the icebreakers. WHICH WAS WORD FOR WORD you had added a border. That is the only one reported by me that has gone. Get your facts straight.

14 Feb 2009     

New Zealand

I know it because I started classes and was looking for icebreakers and recognised it straight away.
Why dont you go and read victors message again?

Suzylima: I see you have deleted your posts. Thank you. Trust me if I was responsible for what you said I would admit it. And I appreciate you have taken your comments down.

14 Feb 2009     

United States

My my my...such animosity.  Has anyone (besides Damielle--"you go, girl"!) thought about the SERVICE that is being provided by VICTOR???  That this whole place might be shut down if we aren īt able to follow basic rules of decency?  Each of us might not be a target as individuals, but publishers might see a website of this magnitude at a real threat, resulting in legal action.  Yes, I am guilty of copying from books AT MY WORKPLACE--I īll admit it--but every thing I īve put up on this site has been 100% my own or in the public domain--you can probably tell, simply because they īre not full of lots of colors, bells & whistles, etc.  They īre just good, effective materials.  Let īs stay focused on what we īre really here for...the students, not our own egos or points or whatever.  Thanks for your time reading my "two cents".

14 Feb 2009     

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