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Russian Federation

Dear moderators of the site,
I�m terribly sorry for having to raise this point in the forum and, probably, spamming it. I understand that private issues of reporting materials for breaking the rules should be a matter of private messaging, but I do not have the clue whom I should write to talk over my issue privately (I have written to Victor but, unfortunately, received no response so far). 
So, regarding my recently uploaded printable which was considered a copy made from the book... First and foremost, I�ve been uploading my original materials for more than five years here, meaning that I am not a new user here who may be pursuing the goal of greedily gaining points to be able to download others� materials. I myself am a qualified teacher with more than 12-year experience and would never come down to violating the copyright law, stealing someone else�s products of mental activity. I apologize for my emotional tone, but my issue came as a great surprise to me, to put it mildly. I kindly ask those who are acting as moderators to reconsider my worksheet because it is no copy of anything you can find online or anywhere else. The proof would be as follows: if you open the one in MSWord, you will see that the graphic elements are detachable and not presented as a whole, let alone the fact each was borrowed from the store of freely-spread images.
I send you my apology again, but having spent more than half a day creating something fresh and, as a result, having it rejected unfairly cannot but cause very mixed feelings. Please PM to me to discuss the problem.

31 May 2020      


Hi, sorry to hear that your worksheet was reported as stolen, but sometimes it can happen, as the moderators lately have a lot of work because there are really many copies. If yours wasnt stolen, just send it again. If it looks to perfect, perhaps you can write in your description  that it is 100 % your work. Dont be upset. It really can happen.
Stay safe 

31 May 2020     

United Kingdom

This is certainly a matter for the forum, so that everyone can see it.
Im sorry to hear this. Anyone can report and people should not report unless they are certain and clearly this was a mistake. However, when wss are reported, it is normally - I have noticed - moderators who do the reporting. As Silvia says, mistakes can happen, although they should not. We have nothing to gain here; we all just want to share and help other teachers. It is unfortunate that you have had this experience, upsetting, for sure. I hope you will re-upload your worksheet.
Stay safe,

31 May 2020     

United States

Hi niksailor ,
Your worksheet channel is impressive. The quality of your worksheets is so professional that some of them could be mistaken for taken from an esl book.
As Lynne and Silvie said above, please upload the worksheet again with a note that it is 100% your original work. You are enriching the site and helping many students and teachers.

31 May 2020     

Russian Federation

Dear friends,
thank you for your support! 
I wouldnt have made all that fuss about just one worksheet, if it hadnt been for the words "clearly copied from the book" in the system message and that "my account may be cancelled if I continue to do it again (or something like this)". Believe it or not, Ive never received any messages like this, so you can imagine my initial reaction ... :) First experience is always bitter  .... Being warned against using cliparts with watermarks is one thing, which takes place quite often, but being blamed for stealing / copying is ... sorry ))) I just never expected it to happen as I may have simply ignored reading all the rules LOL
Ill certainly upload my product  again with a note that it is 100% authentic.
P.S. Its of much honour to be part of your great community, and Ill do my possible to share my creative pieces with all of you! If only I had much more time for that ... :)

31 May 2020     


I have also recently had a problem uploading worksheets, so hopefully this glitch gets fixed!

31 May 2020     


Your work IS GREAT. You are a real asset here. Please keep uploading !

31 May 2020     

United Kingdom

Wow niksailor, I have had a look and your resources are great!  Keep up the good work! 

31 May 2020     

Russian Federation

Comparing teachers, FUTURISM and many others are so distinctive works!  Ive  used them many time! You have really bright ideas.  Keep uploading please! 

1 Jun 2020     


Hi l agree with all that have been said , so keep up the good work and keep uploading!

2 Jun 2020     


Dear Niksailor,
Im sorry for your experience, but I must admit its been a huge relief for me. I think it was on May 31st that I received the same report, and it made me feel horrible. If you look my contributions are not anything great, I dont have (yet, I hope) the ability to create those amazing contributions I find on this website, and the last contribution I made...well, I thought it was very nice, and I was happy to start being able to contribute with better materials. So when I received the report...oh, my, I was angry, and sad, and frustrated... Ive tried to explain my position to the moderators twice and I think the first answer was something similar to a previously made pattern of an answer. To the second email I havent received any answer yet. 
Dont you think that, when a report is made, specially when a worksheet is reported for being a copy from a book (in my case, "clearly scanned from a text book") the book that we presumely copied should be specified? And, personally, I think its very discouraging for people who invest hours on making a nice work to see that its treated in such an unrespectful way. Now Im even scared of making new contributions considering that with no aparent reason they can be considered a fraud.
Niksailor, thank you soooo much for bringing this issue here because may be by doing this the moderators of the website will analize more deeply the reported cases and we wont need to feel ashamed for unappropriate actions we didnt do. Thank you.

3 Jun 2020     

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