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Dear dragonfly2,
both discussions were taking place at the same time!!!! Maybe you didn ´t notice this one!!! And the topic is quite different.
the other post about sharing the links to clipart instead of uploading clipart as a worksheet of our own going against the rules.
This one is about a person who considered that her own worksheet had been stolen and made a mistake becuase both wss looked much alike.

16 Mar 2009     

alien boy

damielle - true, this is slightly different BUT

Here are Victor´s comments about stolen worksheets. Just scroll down the page!

I don ´t have an issue if someone requests opinions about whether an uploaded item is the same as their own or another ´s.

Many members may have noticed my absence over the last couple of months... one reason is simply that a lot of the posts are rehashing much discussion that has already taken place about many different aspects of the ´Cow Sheriff ´ & witch hunting...

I know that there are many newer forum members involved in these discussions. It ´s good to see more people are interested & involved.

However, I think people should ´chill out ´ & approach this topic in the manner that Victor has suggested. It is, after all, his website!

As he said, if people ignore the many statements about the eligibility of items for uploading what makes anyone think they will pay attention to anything in the forums? ´Public shaming´ & ´worksheet police´ are the first step towards fascism on what should be a community!

Yours in despair & dissatisfaction

16 Mar 2009     


Dear Damielle,

maybe you didn ´t understand my point, even though I have stressed it more than once: it doesn ´t matter what the issue is, we shouldn ´t be accusing and judging other people ´s work. And one of the reasons why we shouldn ´t do it is because we CAN MAKE MISTAKES, like the one made today! Got it?

Find something else to do!

As isaserra, I ´ve never participated in this kind of discussion, and I won ´t do it again because there is no point, some members will always accuse other members.

16 Mar 2009     

Ana Paula

Hey guys, I really appreciate all support you have given to me. I ´ve just uploaded the worksheet Victor had removed using the same content but a different layout. I don ´t wanna be judged again.
Thanks a bunch.
Kisses and have a wonderful week.

16 Mar 2009     


I never meant to cause so much trouble and discussion about a worksheet. Come on...it ´s just a piece of paper! There ´s no need to start a war!
We ´re all human and we all make mistakes! Even those who dare labeling some people as "police officers". I have never been in a mess like this and I hope this will be the last time I get in one in this site. I ´ve always been helpful and I have given my humble advice to those who have asked for my help. I didn ´t intend to judge anybody...
Since this is not a war and I ´m not the other side to fight against, I won ´t deal with this topic any longer. It ´s over for me!
Thank you all!
Have a nice day!!!

16 Mar 2009     

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