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Disabled account after 3 failed attempts

Black Nooka

Disabled account after 3 failed attempts
Good evening everybody, 
I have been a member of this great website for 13 years. Unfortunately, for more than ten days, I have been unable to log in. I tried again and again, but to no avail. I kept getting a message telling me that my account was disabled after 3 failed login attempts. I did nothing wrong: I had the right username and the right password. I felt really disappointed not being allowed to have a look at the new worksheets and not being able to post comments on the forum. 
I tried several times to create a new account, but that did not work either. I have sent two emails to the address given on the site but so far I have not received any answer. It seems I was very lucky tonight: I did manage to create a new account (after three failed attempts!!!), unfortunately I have lost all my points. 
But that does not really matter. It seems I am not the only one.
However, I would like to send AN ENORMOUS THANK YOU both to LYNNE and RUTA who have done all they could to help me. Clap
Lynne and Ruta, you are EXTRAORDINARY WOMEN and this site is extremely lucky to have members like both of you. Thumbs Up

12 Sep 2023      


Absolutely right !!!!!

12 Sep 2023     

United Kingdom

Oh heck Murielle so you still cannot access your account? It must be possible! Maybe the new site managers will see this and sort it out... Surely they will? Anyway, I like the look of Black Nooka, just wonderful! In the meantime, my ambition is to stop making silly worksheets and improve my French and Italian. 
Take care and you have done all you can. Let�s see what happens next.
Lynne x 

12 Sep 2023     


same here. I also cannot login my old ID. so after many attempts I created new ID. I also lost all my points.

13 Sep 2023     


I think it�s working now! fingers crossed 

14 Sep 2023     


Also lost all my points here! And it has been difficult to access my new account and uploa new worksheets :(

19 Sep 2023     

Black Nooka

I see I am not the only one to be facing problems with my account. I have more than 6000 points and the messages I sent to the email address given on the site have all been left unanswered so far. It really is a pity!

19 Sep 2023     

United Kingdom

Me too. I will miss looking through all my pms. I had thousands, all gone:) Lynne

21 Sep 2023     

Black Nooka

Hello everyone, I couldn�t believe my eyes when I saw Lynne�s message. This is just totally incredible! Are old members not welcomed anymore on this we site? I hope something will be done to find a solution to help members who can�t have access to their account. I hope the new managers will see this and will do something very quickly. I keep my fingers crossed. Murielle

21 Sep 2023     


I understand your frustration. I had an account with more than 11,000 points and a lot of my own work, and all is lost. I have no access to it, if I want it I have to use points to download it, and I had to make a new account and start from scratch. Nobody answers my emails. I just decided to start again. But it is hard.

22 Sep 2023     


unfortunately it�s the same problem with me. i can�t believe it. i�ve been a member here for almost 6 years with almost 4 thousand points, it�s unfair to lose them. i hope we�ll find a solution as soon as possible. we have done nothing wrong, on the contrary we�ve contributed alot to it.

23 Sep 2023     

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