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Mar (itxasobcn)

I īm afraid you can īt take even one day off LOL Here īs some work to do Wink
Take a look at this ws
It īs abut īs.
And someone īs just changed a few things hoping we won īt notice he īs copied abut īs work. You can see the layout, almost the same explanations, just changing a few things, and even some of the pictures are the same. He only made a few changes. Have a look:
Again, another user, this time AbouSolaym, must think we īre stupid or blind. Well, we īre not. Notice as well that the rest of this user īs ws aren īt at all similar to this one. Looks like he wants to get points and doesn īt know how to do it.
I īve just reported it.
Please, stop stealing other teachers worksheets and start creating your own.
Dear teachers, have a good night!!!!!!!!!!!

2 May 2009      

New Zealand

It looks to me like this person has used someone elses worksheet as a starting point and then changed pretty much everything inside it.  ARe we not allowed to use others for inspiration?  I know this is a very thin line... but 90% of that worksheet is original content.

What do people think about this issue??

2 May 2009     

Mar (itxasobcn)

Come on, Vickiii
How would you feel if I took one of your worksheets, changed a few things (which takes a few minutes) and call that MY OWN work? I bet you wouldn īt like it.
It takes time to create worksheets. People work hard to create wonderful ws that later will share with us. If everybody did the same, we wouldn īt have such wonderful creators here and nobody would bother to improve because it īs easier to copy.
I can īt believe you agree with that.

2 May 2009     




2 May 2009     


Hi night owls,

I have downloaded and compared both Ws. Three pictures and example sentences are used by AbouSolaym from abut īs Ws, as well as the layout. The layout is entirely abut īs, no doubt. The grammar guide is different, though. There are 12 different pictures and sentences, so I must say that AbouSolaym īs Ws is not stolen entirely. I strongly suggest that this user develop a style of his / her own. It is more than a template this user has used here. I voted for removal.

2 May 2009     

Helen McK

Thank you for bringing this to my attention.  I don īt often vote to remove worksheets, but this kind of sneaky behaviour drives me nuts and I will certainly vote to have this one removed.

2 May 2009     


Hi wonderful people. I quite agree with Mar because I think that each of us should develop our own style. Layout., colours, letter type, pictures, everything are the same and I īm sure that everything took Abut  a lot of time and "brain" to design. I feel that it is unfair to use it to make another worksheet. Why not developing his/her own style?? 

If we are going to consider it as  "inspiration", look at its definition:
  arousal of the mind to special unusual activity or creativity
Arouse: stimulate
Does it fit what this person has done? is that what we want to foster?
Now I ask: did AbouSolaym ask the other member for permission? If he/she didn īt, I think that it becomes an ethical issue because I believe that it is not correct.
Finally: if copying a worksheet to make another one is going to be considered OK why not uploading "templates"??? There are some creative members here that can do it!!! Does it sound crazy to you???
AbouSolaym īs is just an example of many worksheets like this that I have seen here. I would say that I don īt agree when people say that using another worksheet as a kind of "template" is correct.

2 May 2009     


Even though I am a new member, as far as I could read, this "worksheets thing" has become something very serious.
I can tell people are getting used to this kind of attitude and itīs not fair for the rest of the teachers.
I might not create masterpieces, when it comes to worksheets, cause I am not really an expert, but at LEAST I try. It REALLY takes time, but I take some time off, whenever I can, and I do it.
Come on people ( for those who cheat )! your whole brain is actually pulsing ! if you could squeeze your mind a little bit !!!! develop our own style !!!

2 May 2009     


Hi, I īve spent an hour comparing both worksheets and It was really difficult for me to come to a conclusion. After much thought, I īve decided for the following:
"I truly appreciate abut īs work and am very grateful for his excellent contributions. However, I cannot vote for the removal of this worksheet, no matter how I abominate people who take advantage of other member īs work, as is the case, because this member used a different approach to present the rules, and created 12 different sentences (though we can see that some were "inspired" by abut īs sentences) and used 12 different pictures (in 15), which means that he used 3 of abbut īs pictures and sentences.
As I īve said before, if we īre going to set a precedent here by removing a worksheet because of the layout, the template or the use of some pictures, I really don īt know where this will lead us to. Besides, this is something we can discuss, but this is not a rule of the site so far, therefore, we cannot vote for the removal of a worksheet on those grounds, independently of what our personal opinion is. So what is left? 3 sentences taken from abut īs worksheet and I believe some others inspired by his work. Like Vickii, I don īt think this is enough to report this worksheet as stolen even though I understand mar īs point of view.  I want to make it very clear that I īm totally against this user īs attitude, which reveals lack of professionalism and bad manners. mena"
And that was the comment I left. If we want to change the rules, if we want to consider that using someone else īs templates, layouts, pictures should be a reason to report a worksheet as stolen, then victor has to say so; otherwise, there is no way that we, as moderators, can vote for the removal of a worksheet on those grounds, because we are not there to act according to the rules we think should apply, or not, but to act according to the rules established by him.
I know this issue is extremely controversial and I don īt expect you to agree with me. I expect you to respect my position, bearing in mind the arguments presented, as I will most certainly respect yours. Sometimes, like someone said the other day, we must agree that we disagree.
Have a good night.

2 May 2009     

New Zealand

I thought very carefully before submitting my remarks - and yes MAR I had considered how I would feel if someone used one of my templates to create their own work.  I would probably feel flattered.  AS I have stated in the moderators section I highly recommend this person give credit to the original author of the worksheet as it would vex me if I was not given credit where it was due without some discussion first.

I think this is an excellent topic to discuss on the forum as it really is a thin line.

The worksheet in quesiton is 90% original.  I hope the person in question puts forward their thoughts on this as well - I do not consider this a witch hunt - as the person in question has done original work and should not be insulted or made to feel bad.

This discussion thread - to my mind - is about thrashing out where this line actually lies.

I am more than happy for people to disagree with me.  I do ask that people do so in an intelligent and friendly matter.  There is never any need to resort to insults.

I look forward to reading other peoples opinions and reasoning.

2 May 2009     

Anna P

I have just downloaded both wss to be able to evaluate this issue.  At first glance I think it is a case of plagiarism but I will not vote until I carefully compare then.  It is too late now for me to check them both without falling asleep on top of the 2 papers. I īll do it first thing in the morning.

2 May 2009     

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