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Copyright worksheets


now apart from ignorant you treat people as ANimals!?!?!
:O) Shocked
OH my oh my.....What īs wrong with you!? you have a problem! please just work a little bit on your self esteem so you don īt have to treat people this way!.
Things didn īt get lost in translation, I just posted something just for the sake of is....(but you got lost in politeness!).. this didn īt make sense since you strated posting and as you are an old member and seem to fix some problems to some memebers in the past now you are like a clan so everyone jumps to defend your impolite remarks! Clap

Goodbye! Goodbye! Shame our love didn īt work! LOL (just to puzzle you with disconnected, meaningless things!)

29 Jun 2009     

alien boy

Animals are way better than people - at least with a pet dog you know they īre devoted & it doesn īt really matter what you say or do!

and don īt be fooled - I receive (a few) personal messages telling me to be a little less aggressive.

like the picture - brings back memories of my IT studies back in the Stone Age!

Are you sure you don īt need some assistance with your hugely bloated materials that you can īt upload?

29 Jun 2009     

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