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ESL forum > Techniques and methods in Language Teaching > Hi....I need help!!!    

Hi....I need help!!!

Costa Rica

Hi....I need help!!!
This year I happen to have a blind student for the first time and I am kind of scareConfused... for several reasons first I think I should do some reading on how to teach her, second I dont have enough material to work with her and third my student is poor so I cannot ask her to to buy many items to work in class... My student is very good in English and I really want to help her to learn as much as she can, so I need lots  of help and I will appriciate any suggestion, book, material, activities or site you can give me.


Ps: She is in High school, she is sixteen years old and she is a beginner. 

9 Apr 2010      


I have never had that kind of experience... I searched about what you comment and I found this interesting article in which you may find something useful... no ESL material but helpful anyway, good luck!

9 Apr 2010     


Searching for the subject I found this site which I think might be very helpful. Good luck with this difficult challenge!!!
Online Resources for Teaching Blind Students


9 Apr 2010     

a isabel

I have already had 3 blind students and it is not as bad as you may think.  They have an incredible memory and we can work with them with listening activities.  Don �t you have someone who can change worksheets to Braille?  I had to prepare my materials 15 days
in beforehand and send to a person who would change my worksheets to Braille.
If I remember any more detail, I �ll write to you.
In the beginning I was also very worried but nowadays there isn �t any problem for me. I like working with those who were born blind ...but not with those who lost their eyesight at eighteen....for example.  These are much different!
best wishes

9 Apr 2010     


I agree with a_isabel, I think listening activities in general are perfect in this situation, and they are also great for the rest of the class.
I �d suggest using songs in the class. Maybe showing students something on TV, a series or a short video/DVD (appropriate to the level of the class). What you can use also depends on the resources you have at hand. The class will enjoy the video and the blind student will still be able to understand it by listening and having the help of the other students. I think you should use the students in the class as much as possible to help her understand things, that �s what I �d do anyway.
I would also work with the other senses as much as possible, play blindfolded games to put everyone else in her shoes and so she �s not at a disadvantage... to guess the taste of food, smelling something, touching, listening to an animal and guessing which one it is, sticking the tail of the donkey to work with "left-right-up-down"...
TPR activities should work pretty well also, stand up, sit down, stand on your left leg, raise your right hand, etc to work with parts of the body and commands. Maybe you could present "parts of the body", for example, and ask students to point out those parts using her as a model. This way she �ll reinforce them and have a spacial notion of them while at the same time you involve the rest of the students.
I can see a problem when teaching colours, but then you can introduce them together with shapes, and of course you can �t test her on colours, but she could focus on shapes, or on something different...
I think you �ll have to be flexible and try to adapt to her as much as possible, careful of not making her the only student in the class. Your challenge, I think, will be to find a balance between including her and giving all the other students a space in your class.
Like JulietaVF, I�ve never had a blind student either, but I�ve had a deaf one and I�m sure this will be a special opportunity that you won�t forget! Don�t be scared, embrace the challenge and enjoy it!
Hope these ideas help, all the best!

9 Apr 2010     


I remember someone brought this subject to the forum in the past. You might want to look for that post, there probably were some good suggestions there as well .... just an idea...

9 Apr 2010     

Pinky Makus

Please check these old threads for teachers who have had  blind students before.  You might find something useful.  You could possibly send these people a private message.






9 Apr 2010     

Pinky Makus

You can also contact schools that teach blind children and see if they can offer some advice or free resources.

Here is a school in Canada:


Here is a search I did for free braille books.


Here is a search for how to teach English to the blind or visually impaired.


If you get some braille books for free, you will need to make sure that they come with a key that you can read yourself.

9 Apr 2010