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ESL forum > > All of my flashcards stolen     

All of my flashcards stolen


All of my flashcards stolen
Some users on this website really have no shame at all, because I found almost all of my flashcards and other illustrations on my website www.kids-pages.com here. Some teachers combined my images with text, thinking this way nobody will notice anything. I tried to report this, but the "Report it" link doesn īt seem to work, so I īm writing about this here.

14 Jan 2012      


Do you mean those are cliparts created by you and you īve never offered them for free on your website?
IMHO what your site is lacking is a "Terms of Use" button.

14 Jan 2012     

Olindalima ( F )

I have just checked all the links you provided.

Apart from some clipart, which, obviously, I can īt guess about copyright, I didn īt see anything similar between your work and the links provided.

One thing I noticed - all the links refer to the same member of this esl community.
I also noticed that you have 0 points, so, I think I can say you are not a contributive member, here.
I can also see this as a slightly grey way of promotion of your own site.

I have always respected copyright, as far as I am aware of it; in this case, I am not convinced of any break of copyright.

However, may you be right,  you can always  provide more evidences of what you state, and,be sure, all the stuff you claim as yours, will be deleted.


14 Jan 2012     

Czech Republic

Dear Thea,
If the pictures are drawn by you or your employees, you hold the copyright and you can claim it and demand the removal of all worksheets with your original pictures. Your website clearly states the copyright - "Copyright Đ 2007-2011 kids-pages.com. All Rights Reserved."

If the pictures at your website were from a previously purchased CD-ROM or were bought on-line, then anybody could have purchased them legally and you have no right to demand the removal of given worksheets with the very same pictures...
There are many worksheets where the pictures are uploaded by various members but nobody protests about it (Simpsons, Disney characters, Feelings smileys etc...)

The design of the pictures in your flashcards varies, so we cannot guess whether you are the author of all those pictures or not...
Please give detailed information and I am sure the moderators will vote fairly and justly.

14 Jan 2012     

Puerto Rico

maybe you copy them too

14 Jan 2012     


I am the illustrator of all the pictures on my site, so I have to authorize other persons how to use them and nobody asked me permission. It was my mistake I didn īt include the "Term of Use"button which I will do as soon as I can, I thought that if I mentioned "Copyright Đ 2007-2011 kids-pages.com. All Rights Reserved"it was enough but, obviously, I was wrong, because I can see that more and more sites are using my art without permission and that īs frustrating when you are working and others steal.

I didn īt say the worksheets are similar to mine, I mentioned clearly that some images that I created are taken without my permission and used in these worksheets. If you steal an image then add a text, does that mean that by modifying it you īre not guilty any more?
I have 0 points because I am not interested in downloading any worksheets from this site, I am not a teacher, I am just an illustrator who noticed some of her artwork is used without permission. I just want to protect the art that I have created with the purpose to be used in the classroom by teachers and not to be redistributed in other forms on other websites.
As far as the accusation of me copying them, I can prove anytime that I didn īt copy anything, because I have the original .ai version of all my illustrations.
Concerning the "slightly grey way of promotion", I must mention that I had to include the original source link to show where the images in the worksheets were taken from, so, it was something necessary, otherwise my accusation would have been meaningless.
This was not the first time I found worksheets with my pictures in them on this site, it happened several times but I didn īt say anything until now when I discovered that this user had used a lot of my pictures, too many for me to just overlook this.
Anyway, this website can keep the images, this is the world of internet, and I must accept that. If the teacher had at least asked for my permission to use my pictures to create these worksheets, I would have definetly given it to her. No more to say on this subject.

14 Jan 2012     

Czech Republic

If so, you can try to solve the issue with the member via e-mail or you can contact the administrator of this site. As Ayrin is an old member with loads of points I believe the first option would be more appropriate.But as it was written above I can see the main problem in no publishing the terms of use. Most of us use the images under the fair use.

Regards, Michaela

14 Jan 2012     

Olindalima ( F )

Hi Thea

Thank you for claryfing your position - everything turns so much better when we all know what we are talking about.

First, I thought you were an ESL teacher and were trying to report copied worksheets, because they had the same clipart as yours.
Now I can see you are the illustrator, so copyright is due to you and, believe it, this community takes this issue seriously, though it is not always easy to solve some problems. As  said before, by other members, I think you could contact this member, by pm or, otherwise, you have the webmaster īs email, in the front page.
I īm sure he will answer you and solve the problem.

In the meanwhile, accept my appologies for the " slightly gray promotion ", but it happens so frequently that I thought it could be another one. Embarrassed

Last, but not least, congratulations - your clipart is really good.Clap


14 Jan 2012     

United States

Thea - on the other hand - no one here earns money from their worksheets or by using your  great images. We īre all just trying to help each other out here.

Did you know that there are countries where:

The teachers and students have no books at all?

The teachers have to pay out of their own pockets to photocopy materials for their students?
That teachers can have up to 50 kids in their classes and no one gives a damn?
This list goes on and on.

I don īt doubt for a moment that anyone here is interested in earning money off your wonderful illustrations.Heart

If you don īt want people to use your stuff - copyright them and watermark them.

On the other hand - if you want to make a difference in the world - why not share your stuff for free - just like Phillip Martin does.
A worksheet made by one of our members with your great artwork just might help a child in need and make a difference.

best wishes

14 Jan 2012     

Czech Republic

@Libertybelle - very nicely (and truly) written. Thumbs Up

@Thea, we are trying to offer you some solutions and you just copy your previous message. I 
   think it īs not very nice of you.  Unhappy

14 Jan 2012     



you īre such a great and thoughtful person. 

 Thumbs UpClap

14 Jan 2012     

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