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Copyright worksheets


Copyright worksheets
I just happened to read this post:

I don īt agree with Helen neither with Alienboy. I īm not the 24 hrs connected to this site so I can īt read ALL the posts on the topic!(sorry if you think this has been repeated so many times) So It īs good that this subject was brought up again because  there are  things, I personaly, didn īt know about this topic.  Like, what is legal and what is not once uploaded here. I haven īt uploaded material yet, as I īm a member of another site and I still can īt upload my material because it īs too big, and I also don īt have much time to spend here. I think some people use even copyright images in their wss, text from books (not their own) and then claim the wss are their property just for having put things together and upload it to this web! 
I do get the rule that says you can īt upload material from here to a blog, I just don īt agree with it because to start with people do not upload their own material, it īs copy pasting only and puting some lovely colours and then that īs it.. I don īt understand why people claim wss as their own when most of them here upload copied text, pictures, etc etc...from books and the net..

28 Jun 2009      

Czech Republic

Helen McK said:
We don’t need to resort to the law. Uploading the work of another contributor on a different website is against the rules of this site. Victor has already stated that people who do this should be banned from ESLprintables.  Once they lose their points and their account, they won’t be able to publish the work of others elsewhere on the net.
I would add: It is against the rules of this site to upload work  of somebody else as yours... We cannot use a printable of Katianna or other member and change it a little and upload it here as our work. We must ask for permission and state the source! It is VERY RUDE to take the MOST of worksheet and use it without GIVING CREDITS.
The Victorīs rules are simple: upload your OWN work and do not redistribute work you got here. We can publish our OWN printables on our personal blog / site. We cannot publish wss from esprintables. We can give ESLP wss to our students only but CANNOT give wss from this site to all people around the globe. If somebody needs ESLP wss, s/he can JOIN this site, become a member, share his original work and get original wss of others... I think it is fair !

Dear Sam,
If you see a copy-paste worksheet, please report it. All worksheets here MUST consist of original work. The text is sometimes "copied", but the EXERCISES, suggestions etc. should be always original. Not all teachers here are writers... But many teacher rewrite, simplify, abridge, adapt the texts + state source... A lot of worksheets here are completed in half an hour or one hour. In some cases in takes more than 2 hours to make the worksheet... Many contributors are hard-working!
So please do not accuse all members of copy-paste, if you see a copied printable, report it. The contributor will get banned...

If you are not sure, please read all posts and links given here, you īll understand:

28 Jun 2009     

Helen McK

To be frank, I find your post quite insulting.  It is so unfair to suggest that most worksheets here are simply copying and pasting.  Contributors put an enormous amount of time and effort into creating original and useful worksheets. With regard to my printables, they are completely my own work except for the images; unfortunately, I can’t draw.  I do not copy and paste from textbooks or from any other source.  You clearly don’t have a very good understanding of how this site works since the main rule on ESLprintables is that the work uploaded must be one’s own. I take this rule very seriously.  


I suggest that you check out the site rules more thoroughly.



28 Jun 2009     

alien boy

Alas, samanthasam, you īre the type of individual I referred to that goes off half-cocked because you don īt actually understand what copyright & the related terms actually are.

Do read before you post.

28 Jun 2009     


Lol …You are so rude!!  I did read all the rules here and I was saying I don’t understand why people claim wss as their own when MOST of them have copy pasted from other books etc! ..

So, let’s see!!.. translating your answer .. you just treated me like an ignorant.. What a pitty you have such attitude..you can’t be a teacher! I’ve seen you in several post always answering with a razor blade tongue! If I post is because I don īt think ALL the members here respect the rules established in the site...you are exactly the type of rude and pathetic individual who can īt answer with good manners so that īs what you get!...:P

You clearly don’t have a very good understanding of how this site works since the main rule on ESLprintables is that the work uploaded must be one’s own. I take this rule very seriously.

Of course I do understand...
Sorry Helen! but I īve seen many of the wss here in different ESL web pages...or īparts ī of it! 

Bye bye !!!..KOU KOU...:P

29 Jun 2009     

alien boy

Hi SS!
To a large extent I agree with you re originality & worksheets - so please donīt think that I believe all 177213 (as of this moment) worksheets are original enough to be considered copyrightable. There are, however, many thousands that could be argued as original in terms of copyright law.
With regard to my attitude in posting... yes I am quite īsharp-tonguedī on occasion. All I can say is you must have read only a few of my posts... oh well, I wonīt hold that level of ignorance against you!
If you īve read as many of the dicussions as you allude to then youīll also realise that many of us (me included) are well aware of the distinction between īlegalī & īpoliceableī.
Perhaps you should read Victor īs comments & then discuss your opinion further.
If you look further through the discussion threads you īll also find plenty of good information re images & copyright.
I assume this philosophical angst & struggle with īoriginalityī is whatīs preventing you from sharing some of your own amazing rip-offs?
Catch you later, alligator!
P.S. A couple of extra comments before I get back to report writing:
Re teaching... what kind of teacher doesnīt research a subject before stating something as correct? Would you do that to your students? I sincerely hope not!
Re my use of the term īreadī as to what you should do... you assumed I just meant the posts here? Please read a little copyright law, a few cases & maybe the Berne Convention as well. It may help your understanding a little.

29 Jun 2009     


mmm Bern īs Conventions is a bit TOO much for this site!!!

I couldn īt be bother to read all you wrote! And I īm going to bed so I won īt see what yuo write later! as I īm sure you can īt really close your mouth!..

As for not uploading printables here! Maybe I could say the same to you!!!.. :)
how long have you had 128 points??you are the type who stops uploading after reaching points which gives them a margen to download everyday for free and a few for one point eh!? :P

Well, see ya !! KOU kou

29 Jun 2009     

Olindalima ( F )

Wow, SS

I think this is the first time I see such a sharpen tongue here!
And, the most incredible... you have 0 points and claim about AA.

Sleep well, I think you wouldn īt answer me, you are already sleeping.
Pink dreams.

29 Jun 2009     


OlindaLIMA ... please you are just like this guy!! I don īt like people like you! ..you really can īt be teachers! I saw you in several posts clapping your hands to what this guy said to other members!
I have 0 points! yes! But I īm a memeber in another ESL webpage where WE upload material for free! ... and I have my own blog where I upload material everyday! for free too! I like the system in this web! I just don īt like how the kind of people like you pollute this web!

29 Jun 2009     


Me oh my!
Calm down guys, take it easy!!!!
What īs with all this agression around here????
..I īm getting so tired of it...

29 Jun 2009     


You just need to relax a little bit. I don īt think Alien Boy was rude to you and please, don īt take me wrong either, I don īt mean to be rude to you but I just don īt understand why you are so upset!

29 Jun 2009     

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