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Not happy with this site

United Kingdom

Not happy with this site
First I have to sign up with an other email account because i never was sent the activation code and i couldnt get it resent.

then i have to download and install your software which probably puts trackers and thing onto my computer.

After all that I can īt even download one of the worksheets. Because i have to design one first and get someone to download it.
What īs all that about?

I īm training to be a teacher. I īm crap I īve taught for 5 hours only. and that īs why i have to look for worksheets to use. When I get older and more experienced, I īll probably not need to bother. I īd be happy to let other people in my situation have some ideas because i was there once.
Why do people care that someone else is using their worksheets? They should be happy they īve come up with a good idea and they īre helping other people out..
So what īs the problem with sharing a good idea??

This site is just a 1 hour waste of my time, when I could have already racked my brains and come up with something else.

27 Jul 2009      

manonski (f)

Had you taken 5 minutes to read the rules, you would have known how this site works and would not have wasted your "precious" time.
In my case, I can tell you that in the last couple of years, this site has brought me friends, millions of ideas and thousands of printables. Unlike you, this site has not been a waste of my time. Too bad for you!

27 Jul 2009     

Mariethe House

very funny!!LOL

27 Jul 2009     


Hey Luke, are you the Skywalker?

27 Jul 2009     

United Kingdom

Yes. Yes I am.
May the force be with you.

and manovski or whatever your name is, no i obviously didnt read the rules.
yeah iÂīm sure its a great site for you experienced teachers and your little club.


27 Jul 2009     


Hi, Luke.


Just take it easy.

Don īt you think that being able to post a message in this forum is already a first step to get some of what you need?

PS: 200647 + 1 registered members. Yeah ! What a little and restricted club !

27 Jul 2009     


     I like this  site. I īm a new member and   I can say  it isn īt a "waste" of my time. It gives me hundreds  ideas and printables every day. Thank you, friends!

27 Jul 2009     


spending 5 minutes to read the rules would have helped you  so much...and we can definitely notice your lack of experience.. you have so many things to learn...so sad but many teachers from this wonderful site would have been willing to help you if you had asked for it. BYE BYE AND MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU AS WELL..YOU īLL NEED IT BECAUSE BEING A TEACHER IS NOT AN EASY JOB!

27 Jul 2009     


By the way I īve just come from the beach! I īm much more relaxed! thanks so much for your wss!!


27 Jul 2009     

United Kingdom

LOL i understand. i just thought i īd post because i went through all the motions. Unfortunately nowhere told me I have to read the rules before joining. I didn īt want to start a fuss, just merely venting my frustration. i didnt think this would be on the main page either.

27 Jul 2009     


I īve been advertizing this site among my colleagues for over a year, not a single person seems to be interested in it. I think it īs because most people are used to taking, not giving or sharing., and Luke J is that type of guy. As for me, I consider myself to be an eslprintables addict: I begin my every morning by checking new contributions and my PM. And although I haven īt made any great conributions to this site (such like for example Frenchfrog, Vanda, Katiana, Xani and many other active members), I īm proud to be a part of this wonderful community.

27 Jul 2009     

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