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Editable Worksheets, Please...

Czech Republic

Editable Worksheets, Please...
Why are some worksheets non-editable?
-Some members use other software than MS Word and covert the printable.
-Document is heavier than 500 kB.
-Protection of copyrighted pictures. (eg. pics of Thistlegirl)
-Flashcards, few words, special layout. (it is not necessary to have the editable version, as there are only a few words... For example, see great work of David Lisgo, usually non-editable, because he doesnt use MS Word)
-the non-editable worksheets are still very useful if they are without mistakes
-the vast majority of worksheets at ESLP are editable and correctable

Worksheets with a lot of text - the editable version is preferred. We are all human being and we make mistakes, so it is useful to be able to edit / correct the worksheet.

As I suggested to Lady Gargara, we can group all pictures and
copy them to MS Paint (or other Picture Editor software) and
save as one big single picture (gif, pgn).
Then we insert the big "single-page" picture in the background of MS Word doc.
Then we make the textboxes  or select / group all textboxes (from an old doc) and copy them on the top of the "background" picture.

It is a matter of 1 minute, the worksheet is light, the (copyrighted) pictures cannot be copied easily AND the TEXT is EDITABLE.

This method works well with old .doc/.rtf printables we had made a long time before and we don ´t want to spend too much time editting / resizing the pictures...
These steps also help to meet the size limit of 500 kB.

Please note that there is a big difference between GRAYSCALE pictures (black lines, shades of gray) and true black-and-white pictures (printer-friendly, few black outlines only, no gray, white only, fill colour = white) - these pics / wss are popular for photo-copying.

See the debate:
Something to keep in mind, please...
Want to make them EDITABLE, but . . .
How do I make something "fully editable?"
Non editable worksheets

PS 1:
If you upload non-editable worksheet, it is fine, but please state this in the DESCRIPTION, please. Eslprintables accept Word documents only, so the assumption is that the worksheets are editable.
PS 2: After downloading a non-editable worksheet you can still edit the text by inserting a textbox on the top of the sentence and rewriting the text... Tedious work, but still feasible... Or you can/should contact the author for the editable version...
PS 3: Read the FREE Tutorials section - many tips and tricks there:
Compact Worksheets
How to resize pictures
Tutorial - How to reduce size of pictures
How to change cliparts into black and white with paint net

13 Sep 2011      


Anything is possible to edit if you have the right software to do this.

But agree with you Moravc 100%.

PS 1: If you upload non-editable worksheet, it is fine, but please state this in the DESCRIPTION

Redbull gives you wings you knowWink.

13 Sep 2011     

David Lisgo

"Anything is possible to edit if you have the right software to do this.

PS 1: If you upload non-editable worksheet, it is fine, but please state this in the DESCRIPTION"

Since "anything is possible to edit" then the PS would seem to be superfluous.
PS Thankyou Nika for your kind words and understanding of the situation.

13 Sep 2011     


Yes David for me the PS 1: is superfluous!.

Have a good day now David and please don ´t lose any sleep over this OK mate.

Redbull gives you wings you knowWink.

13 Sep 2011     



I prefer editable / correctable wss for 2 main reasons:

1) Your wss only fit 100% of your students´ needs because it´s almost impossible that other teacher will teach the same grammar topics and vocabulary words at the same time. I have to edit the wss I download here and I guess the others do the same with mine. At my school we teach the rooms of a house in the 1st book, but "attic" and "basement" are taught in book 4 and 3, so I have to erase those words - or teach them earlier.

2) At a site by teachers and to teachers, everyone is able to correct mistakes - and everyone is also able to make them...  I´m an old woman, only able to see mistakes if I print and do the exercises myself. Of course I correct them later, but sometimes I prepare a ws to use 2 or 3 months later; sometimes I never do - because I have another idea or get behind schedule and have to skip it. I think everyone is able to detect mistakes, so should be able to correct them as well. If a teacher asked me the editable version of a ws I made one year ago, I would never find it...

Non-editable wss won´t stop anyone from copying, if a person merely opens a non-editable ws and presses the print-screen button, he´ll get an image that fits perfectly a word document and it will be happily uploaded by any cheater member as his. In my opinion what prevents cheating copies is something that most of us have: honesty. If a person lacks it, nothing will stop him from getting what he wants, no matter the type of worksheets we prepare.

I also download some weird wss (not particularly from this site) with basic vocabulary + advanced grammar in the sentences. Sometimes I ask myself why a teacher would teach “school subjects” if the students can deal with sentences using structures like “would have gone”, or why I would use songs with advanced concepts like politics or economy – sometimes hard even to a native to understand completely – to teach present simple.

The aim of the site accepting only doc is to share and let the others adapt the way they want / need. I only understand non-editable documents if they get too heavy to upload, or if you use other software than Microsoft Office. If you’re producing non-editable ones as a way to “protect” your work, you’re just wasting your time – and the cheaters’ borrowers’.

13 Sep 2011     

maryse peyé

Hi everyone,
I just want to say that this is a problem. As I said once I had to cancel a ws on a topic I was looking for for a long while... Just because my program was not compatible with the sender ´s one...
If I make non editable documents (when I actually want to share them in the fewer possible ws) it is only a question of size. I always try to make the written part completely editable. I often spend hours to limit the uneditable part ! I use my poor knowledge as well as I can.
On another hand I perfectly understand our needs are not the same. Unfortunately I am not as good as lots of you in computing and I have learnt a lot of things yet since I am with you ! So little by little I improve. For example I didn ´t know this paint program. I will go to see it and if I am able to make something available for all !
But it is also true that I don ´t do that to protect my work ! I am completely aware of the fact that it is easy for someone who knows computers and programs to copy what he wants !
From someone who does one ´s best with one ´s little little little knowledge.
Have a splendid day !

13 Sep 2011     

Czech Republic

Dear friends,
Thank you for your wise words!
I think Zailda is right, because all computer users are able to copy anything - editable or non-editable. So the uploader who shares non-editable worksheets, because s/he thinks it can stop people from copying his/her worksheet, is wrong. The cheaters CAN edit everything!

I am not a computer expert but I am able to copy the non-editable page to MS Paint, erase some (text) parts, copy each small clipart and save it as jpg / pgn / gif.
I am even able to change the colourful picture to printer-friendly outlined BW picture.
All these steps take some time, but in the end, I am able to edit the non-editable worksheets, no matter what format they are (jpg, pdf...)
We can even "steal" by hitting "PrintScreen" and editting the image in MS Paint...

All these "methods" can be used both for good reasons (correcting the mistakes of the uploader in order to be able to share the ws with my students) or bad reasons (stealing work of someone else to upload it as mine or share the ws for profit).

13 Sep 2011